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AOC Says It is Barbarism to not Provide Housing for Everyone. Housing is a Human Right.
mccarthy 8 Sep 11
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AOC is the product of our educational system, and the systemic liberal and socialist views being advanced and taught. It’s probably all she knows, and believes every single word of what she says! The really scary thing about AOC is that there are millions like her advancing and coming out of the same educational system.


Sure thing, let's not give anyone any reason to work for anything. This is utter lunacy. Where do people like her come from and where did her parents go wrong?


If housing is a basic human right then maybe the government should not tax your house.

KeVince Level 8 Sep 12, 2019

Housing is a benefit of personal labor. She's deranged.


I wonder if this woman spews stupidity in hopes that at some point the odds will catch up with her and she'll actually be right.

Keep trying, missed again with this one.

what you call stupidity is actually the logical conclusion to much of the social policy and intellectual thinking of much of the current European civilisation.

AOC isn't saying anything vastly outside of the overton window of public policy, she is just stupid enough to say it in public so the public can point out the flaws in what she is saying.

@acthenpens The problem with AOC is that she has no ideas of her own.

@Mindyou I'd like her to explain her moral foundation to societal building but honestly I don't know enough about her ideas to comment.


Diogenes would disagree. He lived in a barrel

Coyuga Level 6 Sep 11, 2019

Hey, everybody!! Allie’s invited us all over to stay at her place!! For as long as we want!!

We must tell the good news to the homeless.

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