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Does Anyone Actually Trust Our Elections??

2peros 8 Oct 14
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Have not trusted elections for a couple of decades now. This last presidential just shows that the crooks are so confident the average citizen is too brain dead to understand enough to actually care about whether or not elections are honest, and this was proven by the fact they made no effort to hide the corruption. Another aspect shows that the corruption is in all level of government, city, county, state and federal. Even the Supreme Court has proven it's worthlessness due to the corruption of the appointees. I do not think anything will change without a true civil war, or revolution in this country and my hopes of that happening are waning fast.


Nobody that counts (or is currently in power) gives a SH-T about Vote Counts/ facts/ or criminal activity as long as THEY have CONTROL!!!!!!
How much MSM coverage of this information have you seen or heard??????????????????
Why haven't we heard about arrest or at least the names of someone being investigated???????
Those of us that pay attention have known since last November that the 2020 election was a fraud and what has actually been done about it??????????
I figure that the 2022 and 2024 elections will make the 2020 elections look acceptable!!!!!
DAMN, it is good to be old!!!!!!
I may not live long enough to see the END of this once Great Nation!!!!
Good luck to the three generations I'll be leaving behind!!!!!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 Oct 14, 2021

The election was a fraud, Trump won.

Andyman Level 8 Oct 14, 2021

I would go step by step. We have obvious evidence of illegal activities, evidence of very likely illegal activities and strong hints of more. Talking about 5X the number needed to overturn the election makes some assumption while we should be continuing the investigation and arresting obvious wrongdoers.

Assuming the result is counter productive and can screw up the data (evidence) collection. Go in cold and emotionless going after facts and truth. That said, people spending almost a year hiding and deleting evidence should have been in jail LONG, LONG ago. What is going on there?!

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