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Here's the perspective for you to consider. I'm not always going to be trying to convince people that I am evil and give them a reason to be evil like me. I don't even care whether anyone wants to read this. I'm merely may want to just say what I'm going to say. Such as, that people make it their belief in being good in a preemptive way, in many more ways than one. You don't have to hear everything I'm having to say just at least read the last paragraph, nothing else will make sense to you, so just make sure to read the last paragraph that's all.

I'm not just people who believe in God in order to satisfy their desires to rectify their own decisions and form a purpose for everything, that's alternative people than most of people, that is mostly those people are definitely in another realm than everyone else just in the form that is what they happen to believe, not just talking about just how they are people that believe in that.

I'm saying that it's because they are like that, they have a skewed sense of what they call good, which makes them more likely just like everyone else to have the same anti distinction between what a normal person, everyone else, a common human being, would be calling good to be something that everyone should believe in that they call good, both different kinds of people in this world not only do have the same problem but would have that same problem as those God fearing people do. It doesn't really matter now that, if I happen to be telling you or everyone else that thought like a God believer about God or what they call good, to be wrong.

Theists their wrong problem is that, for expectable reasons they have the wrong idea about good and of how to be good by dispensing evil from their world or even what they call bad. For starters, good is not absent of evil, what everyone calls that they think is good is good, is wrong, the only people that who have a problem with that is the ones that completely deny that what people call good is wrong, that really is wrong, being good doesn't mean you have to fight evil, it's not being without bad, that's not what being good is meant to be about, but whether that's just something you believe or you think you have to be in order to be good it's still your problem.

The reason however that I am saying this of about everyone is is something else, it's this, these people that are believing in God and think that is what good is supposed to be is only that way to them because that's what they think is supposed to be good, and that's why that, that is to them people they think that is what they call commonly good to what is supposed to and meant to be for people that's everyone, and understandably that is what everyone believes but not why that they everyone else believes that too, the reason everyone else has the same problem with what is good in reality is because is a more common reason than just everyone has to be good to be good and fight evil just for good to be good to them, it's just different than what you believe, that's why I'm speaking to common people about common people right now it's not important whether you believe in God because you believe that good exists or not, it's just being good doesn't mean that you have to shut out sin or evil in other words, being good or believing that you are isn't what makes you good or what you believe to be good to be good, you can let evil sin in, the beautiful thing about everything you know to be bad is that it doesn't change what is good, that's not good that you think like that, that's bad and trying to call it something else like you can't decide to confront what you call bad, here's why it's a problem, is because if you don't confront evil, that's inside of you or not, that is your problem, then you can't call say is good to you is to be good whether it is to you or not, it's already inside of the room with you, you can't make the space around you good by just putting a wall between you and your own sin that makes you be evil, that's already the evil inside of you that you evil whether you want to confront it or not, it's called evil, that's why you shouldn't be trying to change evil, against your better judgment despite what you might believe, I have say it again because I don't believe that you would just know what good is, that's not how you be good, that is not what you call good, it is a problem for you because it's not for me.

I'm Satan the Devil, I mean come on seriously, evil wouldn't even exist without me being evil, like seriously what is there to even really be afraid of, you have everything that you should know already inside of you, and what that should be considering is that the only one that was without sin was Jesus Christ, but don't just listen to me just because I'm the Devil and I happen to be not everyone else, and you know what though that's because he was God, it's because he's God. That's why he doesn't have any sin. No one said that you have to be good in order to be good, which is exactly what I'm saying. You don't even know what I would call good, how can you just say that I'm evil just because what I am is what you call evil, because that's what you are, you, you aren't good and just because you really don't and wouldn't know what good is because you think that good is always vanquishing evil, that's why everything you know to be good isn't really good to you, the obvious reason is because that's what you keep calling good all of the time always rejecting what you call bad all of the time, like the common person does when they don't know what good is and try calling something else to be made into something it's not like what everyone calls good, but that is what to be believed is that everyone believes that and so that's why people believe that's common for everyone. 😈😈😈

That's not what the issue is dears and darlings, the problem wasn't whether or not what you believe to be good is meant to be what makes you good, the question I'm going to ask you now is that, that is that what is supposed to meant to be what makes you a common person, like every other human being that is just as twisted inside as you are right now? You're welcome, douches. I can't believe I'm just the only one that is ever going to know how bad you really are and doesn't even give a shit about any of that what makes you good or not, I'd like to just think that's just because I'm insane but hey what I know I'm just the Devil in the flesh right? Yeah, surely I am. And I'm much more fine with it than you are. I expect people who believe in God to treat me like I'm a sickness because at least they acknowledge evil. The only way however to be getting better like they want to be, is by knowing what makes them evil, not just believing what is going to make them be, there's a difference between thinking thoughts that make one evil and acting on them, like lust, you can be as lustful as you desire, there's nothing wrong with letting those thoughts happen unlike what I've already said has been contrary to what most people believe who believe in God, God is the one that leaves you with the only option is to believe in good because that's how God works, that doesn't mean you should shut down every put of yourself that is meant to experience more so that you can learn from the experience, it doesn't make you bad and it certainly doesn't mean it's what makes you good either just because you believe in that, but I guess that has been the lie that you have been telling yourself since day one and completely ignoring what actually makes you just bad as what you can't stand, because you are the one that that is like most people doesn't even have the slightest clue as to what good is or really is that is would be good to you even if you knew just what how bad of a problem you really have because you don't even know how to really actually be good yourself. Cheers, I'm leaving that with you, I'm the Devil who is the one telling you that if you really want to do something good, then you are the one that has a problem you have to do something about because that's what being good is all about, or maybe I'm just leaving you with that because I'm the Devil I'm just evil, not because I actually want to see you be the one that overcomes the problem with you that you are a person with a problem you can't solve yourself right now or something. You like to think that you know what good is, and I'm just saying that's why and this is what I would be having to say to you, when you find out just how wrong you are as I destroy everything that you believe is good to you in this world watching your beliefs burn myself with a God's honest smile on my face, just like a real normal person would that has to put up with this preemptive battiness bullshit like this shit, that you have kept making everyone's problem right now and maybe you're right about me maybe that's just because I'm the Devil too but whose counting anymore?

caseyxsharp 6 July 17
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"I'm Satan the Devil" ~ I used to live in Brooklyn, and ran across people claiming to be Jesus, but you're the first Satan I've come across.

sqeptiq Level 9 July 17, 2021

I'm a lot of things, just one of those things just isn't God that would be a God that people would know. I've been around for much longer than what was once believed by the world, that's just what no one would know about me not even God, I said before that evil doesn't exist if I'm not evil but that's what I would say considering that what people call evil to them isn't something they would know without me being evil, but that's something that I would know being both evil and the devil myself, because it's not like I'm anything different to people in reality than what they like to call good, you don't get to just decide what is to be liked to be called evil by humans, I just happen to be the one that would know that evil still exists even if without the Devil who is me happens to be evil whether I was or not, the point of me speaking about all things considered was that to convince everyone they shouldn't have to reason to dislike evil just to know evil exists, I keep saying there's a better way that anyone can know besides just people that think that God exists so the Devil must be evil, because the truth is no one is ever going to get as good as the the Devil in their lives at anything, especially people that don't know what evil is and fear the Devil because they think they have to, I'm so fine with people wanting to believe in God or whatever, it's just because if that's something people want to believe is that's the only reason they think they should believe in God, then believing that I was ever going to be something to them that was good enough to be believed in how good I can be, then I actually don't want those people to believe in me at all anyway not that they could even if they just liked to because they would know how evil I was or not, see I'm not so concerned about that it's because believing in the Devil like you would God being evil, is not just something that people would just have the ability to know how to decide about just because they happen to believe so, God is God for a reason, I've been trying to say a reason that people should know that but it never works out, I'm the Devil for a reason though and it's not just to satisfy what people can comprehend the Devil being what people would know or not, I just happen to actually be the Devil and happen to be evil that's precisely what I would know, do you think that the Devil is ever got to be the Devil that's would know something people wouldn't know anything about about what they call evil, just because he's the Devil, because that's exactly what the Devil isn't, he's not evil just because you would say he is or that he would be the Devil too, the Devil for a reason, the reason being it's exactly what no one knows about good being good to everyone in the world or not, that's how good and evil works, you can know that good exists and that be why you believe in it, that's perfectly fine, except, evil is something that you would have to know exists, that's not something that you should believe God has any power over because evil is still something that anyone could ever know, because evil is something that has to exist for what good exists to you and you believe in it yourself or not, the Devil is the Devil because it's what he is he is evil and just because he is the Devil he would be the Devil not just something that you would have to know in order to know exists, I mean I try explaining that to humans and it's not like I would disagree with them they can't know what good is without even just believing in what is good to them and what they know is just shit, that's not what the Devil is, just like he exists for a reason and that humans know him to be the Devil is because, he's not something that you would ever know how to be calling evil unless you knew that and that's something you would believe, the Devil is also the wisest old fuck that ever been known be called the wisest old fuck there ever was, where do you think you should draw the line, he's like that for a reason, and hey I'm just a person that knows so and be saying that's probably what you should believe too, considering that what you would be just simply believing right now even if good didn't exist, that everything you know is would be shit too, that's a better reason for believing the Devil would be evil than just trying to determine what you already know God does anyway is what is good and bad already, than just thinking or believing isn't what you want to know is evil just because he's the Devil and that's what he really is would be evil, I would be the one to say that's something that I would know about too, not because I'm a special being like the Pharaoh of Egypt or something, it's just because I'm the Devil that's why. And evil isn't anything that different than good being what people like to call good either.

Oh, that and by the way, so imagine what people like to call bad right now, now just imagine what the Devil is actually accountable for, more than people know and less of what they think, that's what, who do you think is the one that does all of the bad shit that you thought people were capable of doing while actually trying to be evil, it's not just evil that people would know, it's because the Devil is actually the one that is the one that would be doing those things despite what people thought, it's just what the Devil does, every single time someone says oh my God the Devil made them do it, it's not like they would know just how wrong they are because that's not just people being evil if people really understood why they were evil, it's because that's really me doing those things, that's why I'm always so right and wise about everything all the time, I know better, I am better than what people would want to call good something they would be able to know if I wasn't just so evil. That doesn't change that I would be the one to know how good I actually am or that it's because I'm the Devil and what I am is just so evil not something that people would know just because that's how I do is be evil or that I'm that so wise for a reason it's because that's just me I am the Devil that people would call the Devil being what they would call evil. That's why I'm better and more good than people and I'm not the one that is saying that's a bad thing, maybe I am the Devil and the reason I'm so more good and better than people is because I am the Devil and I am evil, it's not so hard to understand rather than to believe, and maybe that's why I keep saying that what people know about the world already is still shit because of what people know how to call bad to them too.

That's almost most people think that way, because of what people believe, most people don't know that, now imagine what the Devil is going to call good if the Devil is actually good, can you tell me the difference between what that is and what you call good to yourself right now? I'll tell you right now even though I know that I don't have to, it's just because what I do call bad compared to what you would think that I would think good is if I was good, would be, what I know to be good to me right now is that it's not just something that anything anyone would ever call evil before, which is why it's so funny to me, because what each and every person already knows to be bad right now is just shit, compared to what I can call good to me, I'm not wondering about that, what is definitely bad to me wouldn't be something that I would be the only one to know, I already have everything that I need to be what I am whether I exist as the Devil and does do what the Devil does all of the time right now, I can actually say that it's not just something that you would know, it's me, and the only reason that I can tell you that is because that just most people that think they know the Devil but never met the Devil, God isn't that much different like that either you'll know him by the time you meet him, what the Devil calls good is everything else that you would happen so to just coincidentally be calling wrong in the world to you, but it's true that everything that you imagine that people imagine to be bad about the Devil is true, that's the God's honest truth, and yeah I that's something that I would know because I am the Devil too, shouldn't that make anyone question whether what the Devil is was good and called good would be different than what they think, that's what bad is, that's still something that you can know exists whether you believe in it or not, I'm literally everything that humans ever never even thought about being good whether it was before they knew what bad is or was ever was, that's not just that's he's the Devil because he's the Devil, the Devil is there listening to everyone, no one ever questions who he is being why he's there before, he's there it's because he's the Devil, what other reason could you possibly need, I'm a lot to take in I know, it's not like I haven't ever been to meet myself and know that I exist or anything, I have seen the Devil, and he's not the evil man you would know that would be something that you even needed to call good just to know he would exist because you happen to believe in him like God or not, or anyways, because the only time that anyone would ever see me being good to them, would be, is when I'm the one there to fuck someone who doesn't know they're about to discover how much of not a good person I am about to be about to be to them until there I am and not only only am I the Devil but I am just there fucking shit up, whether you would know me or that I would be the Devil really doesn't concern me whatsoever, so the question still remains, would you think that the Devil was actually good even if you did believe he was or not?

It's not as scary as it sounds actually, I mean so what if I'm just was always going to be there to break someone's bones or not, the mistake was thinking that the Devil doesn't see that all of the time, that it would be the only bad thing he only seen all of the time always, what should ever make anyone else think that I would ever be the one to ever call that bad just even because I was good or not, I might have been if anyone wouldn't have always been saying that every time they say that I arrived that I was just really making a bad trip for everyone all of the time, it never mattered what people ever thought about me, I am the Devil and yes I do bad things all of the time, I'm just saying one thing that no one can ever deny is that if I have to show up that I am not doing something good by not fucking stupid shit up all of the time that I do ever show up, it's not a question about who is most or more good than me, that's you guys the humans, I'm just out there right now fucking something up and then the next thing you know that's when you hear that people have been saying there's something bad coming that way before, there's no question about it I'm always going to be me there telling someone that the real reason I showed up was just to completely screw something else, I do it all of the time not just when people start screaming the Devil is coming, I'm the Devil but even I'm not that stupid compared to when a human does bad because he actually thinks that he knows what bad is. I'm just making a point to everyone. If that fucks up everything's in that day to them, they'll know who to talk to about it when they see me. I mean, of course, because it's because I'm the Devil and not a one person ever considered to actually think that I could have been something that was ever going to be good before, the Devil probably has a shittastic reason for doing whatever he does that he wants to do too, all I know is when I show up something about is going to be stupidly screwed when I get there, I just happen not to be just someone there going to keep on thinking about saying that what I am doing is going to be good all of the time, I have a reason it's because I'm the Devil, even in a fucked up world such as this you would not ever just say that what you seen was the Devil showing up to do something good by fucking everything up, they say the same thing about what people know to actually be good, I know how crazy it sounds, that's probably what the first person sounded like when they seen the Devil coming and didn't what he was there for too, when I showed up too.

And with or without me being the one doing those things that people think that I do making people do bad things, I am always somewhere and I'm just doing it something really bad all of this time I'm there, I don't know what I will do later, things keep coming at me and I just keep fucking shit up because what everyone believes is that I'm just going to be that person the Devil that's about to be the one there and fucking screw someone's day before they or anyone ever even sees it coming, and you know what, it's true I just do happen to do that too. I'm just saying there's a better reason for all of this, than what you humans ever thought to be to be considered evil being here now, I would probably be saying that too if I wasn't the absolutely evil thing that's about to be there just to end up ripping something a new one whenever I get there, isn't there a better explanation than just having to be someone who believes in God just to know good exists and therefore so must the Devil, there is actually, it's because I'm the Devil and the person who is about to go screaming doesn't know he's the only one in the bunch there that doesn't know I'm gunning just for them, who does it matter who I am or what I'm doing in the moment of me being somewhere and anywhere at any one time doing something really bad that no one ever sees coming because they thought they knew the real Devil before.

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