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Blog 011 so, what can philosophy suggest to help? well since around the time of the sceptics around 100 BCE Relativism, Scepticism, stoicism and more modern philosophy such as Pluralism and Pragmatism have tried to insist that man should not wholly invest themselves in ideology, that man should treat all new information sceptically and beware of one's own mood and biases, that we should recognise there are no absolutes no perfect ideals.

Stoicism teaches to expect the worst only then can one be prepared for it, know oneself and one’s ability but more importantly how to handle failure or cope with things one cannot change.

Pluralism teaches that any useful description of reality or the world uses multiple qualifiers that cannot be thought of as ranging over a single domain.

Pragmatism teaches us to use what works and what works best, to view thing from a practical standpoint as opposed to an ideological one. Judging ideas on there merits as opposed to the embodiment of an ideal.

Adopting these things in today’s modern world particularly in this age of information could reinvent the current political systems and in my view bring people together to solve modern issues as opposed to bringing people together in opposition to each other forming groups that only serve to separate people in terms of identity. Further to that the Media place a huge role in division of peoples and if nothing else must downsize I feel and return to factual objective reporting, return to the ethical and integrity driven news repotting of 1930-60’s before the ‘liberal’ agenda took prominence over the truth in this post truth era.

There will always be an element in society that will lie and cheat, corrupt and be corrupted that is why education must be key to a free, fair, and just society. The children are our future it’s time we acted like it and give them the tools to recognise when the government or media is manipulating information when Market Capitalism goes too far. How to recognise social tyranny.

We find that in Globalism resides many ideas of cooperation, coming together with clams for the common good. Though one iteration of it and perhaps the most prevalent and pernicious is the instance of a single world government as inevitable. Drawing on concepts of The Global Village myth and advance in technology and travel that effectively shrink distance in as much as it takes less time to travel global distances and communicate. I will be exploring in time just what that will look like. Also, we will be exploring the less talked about alternatives to global cooperation. We find among these ideas of globalism almost no concern for liberty, diversity, progress, truth, integrity, reciprocity, and equity. Resentment seems to be deeply rooted across western culture, prevalent from Australia to the US. Further still there is little recognition of the fact by governments or people that government tends towards tyranny, with it being far easier to organise evil than good.

I hope dear reader that you find the fruits of my labour palatable, wholesome and with no other motive than to be of a benefit to humanity, human dignity and to provide a fresh view on the direction of human potential as I see it today. It in my very well be the case that contained in this Blog is the ramblings of an old romantic, the utterances of one overthinking buffoon. However, there is one thing these writing most certainly are; that is Authentic. I find myself drown at this time of writing to sentiment in Frederick Schiller work “The Aesthetic Education Of Man.” - “Man defines himself by his deeds”. What image of man do we see in the mirror of our present times?

T35-C 5 June 11
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