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University of California Ends ACT, SAT Testing For Admissions And Scholarships (admin) I think this is part of changing a society based on MERIT into one based on controlled Sameness:
The Times reported, “The plaintiffs said that the college entrance tests are biased against poor and mainly Black and Hispanic students — and that by basing admissions decisions on those tests, the system illegally discriminates against applicants on the basis of their race, wealth and disability.”

According to the Times, the College Board, which makes the SAT, said in January that it would get rid of subject tests and the optional essay portion.

In the settlement decided on Friday, the university agreed that SAT or ACT scores would not be used in the future. #marxism #Woke #Culture #Inclusion #Communism

ajhilder 7 May 19
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@ajhilder @Alysandir @sqeptiq @Naomi @guru

Whale lives matter. []


@ajhilder @Alysandir @sqeptiq @Naomi @guru

Let's stamp out human privilege. Stamp out human supremacy. Berkeley should drop the SAT and start admitting dogs, cats, and geese.

Once upon a time, 1 million years ago, a Dog Congress was held. The Dog Chairman said: "It looks like humans are going to win. We need to adjust. Henceforth our strategy is Survival of the Friendliest. Be friendly and then humans give us food." Humans have fire and spices. If you catch a rabbit don't eat it. Bring it to the humans and they'll cook it for you.

Dog suffrage!

Dog lives matter!

If you give geese food they treat you like a celebrity. Geese are friendly. If you give leftists food, they tend to be ungrateful.

Schools should fire the diversity coordinators and keep the therapy animals.

Once upon a time, a gorilla was shot in a zoo because a kid got trapped in the gorilla zone. Leftists protested that gorillas shouldn't be kept in zoos. Gorilla rights became a leftist cause.

If I were a gorilla I would want to be in a zoo. Free food and no predators. Every animal on the safari would love to be in a zoo.

From the point of view of an animal in a zoo, the humans are the zoo's exhibit.

The NFL draft combine should eliminate the bench press test and institute strength equity. The NBA should institute height equity. Stamp out height supremacy! The NBA is guilty of systemic heightism.

Human supremacists should give thought to the fact that a sperm whale brain is 5 times the size of a human brain.

Wrestling has weight classes, which is sportsmanlike. There is a weight class for little guys. Basketball should have height classes. Among the 5 on the floor, only 1 may be over 6'6", only 2 over 6'2", only 3 over 5'10", and only 4 over 5'6".

What do you call a fast man that can't catch? A cornerback.
What do you call a fast man that can't tackle? A wide receiver.
What do you call a fast man that can't tackle or catch? A sprinter.
What do you call a slow man that can't tackle or catch, but is badass in intangible ways? A rugby player.

Rugby has positions for everyone, from elephants to cheetahs.

To me, this is little more than a sign of the final stages of decline of a civilization. That is, we will survive, much like the Greeks, Romans, Persians, et al. did before us, but these are the warning signs that we will be quickly transitioning into something that is no longer great and will almost certainly lead to the deaths of millions of people, directly or indirectly.

It's not that there are insane beliefs being bandied about - that's always been with us as a free society - but that far too many people are embracing them as gospel truth on the strength of nothing more than their emotions. None of this is factually defensible and instead of being required to, the dissenter is denounced as horrible human being for even questioning it. We have lost the ability to think and reason or to confront uncomfortable truth.

I sincerely don't know what I'm going to do, personally. I mean, where do you go? What do you do? I have no family to worry about and I'm an old man. I've given a lot of thought of what's going to happen when I'm forced out of my job when the cull comes. The best I can come up with now is to buy a small camper van and just keep travelling away from the spreading wildfire.

Even aliens have given up on us.

@Alysandir @ajhilder @Naomi @HistoryCorner @sqeptiq @Cecil_J_Twillie

In Star Trek, the Enterprise cruises around the galaxy encountering new civilizations.
This sounds like fun.

More examples of this include:

Odysseus and The Odyssey
Jason and the Argonauts
James Cook exploring the Pacific Islands
Lewis and Clark
Viking longboats

I foresee a future where cities collapse and land yacht culture thrives.
I'm going to get a land yacht and paint it like a Viking longboat. It will have horns. It will also have a gun turret, like Car Wars.

@jaymaron Do you need a healthcare worker onboard?


Universities used to select for:

  • Aptitude

  • How much you studied

If you have aptitude you will do well on the SAT. If you study hard you will do well on the SAT.

By ditching the SAT, California is really saying that they don't value studying. If someone studied hard then they should be rewarded for it. California has become an apartheid state where universities discriminate against people who studied hard.

Some communities value hard study and encourage their kids to study. Some communities don't. California punishes communities that value study and rewards communities that don't.

While we're at it, let's change the NFL combine and eliminate the 40 yard dash, the bench press, and the shuttle run, and the Wonderlic intelligence test.

Yes, the NFL combine has an intelligence test. The NFL regards intelligence to be important.

Terry Bradshaw called his own plays and won 4 super bowls.


We have gone from embracing American exceptionalism to American mediocrity.

That is, we no longer care how pathetic we are, so long as we're all equally pathetic. They took the participation trophy of the 90s and turned it into social policy. No one can feel bad for being average if everyone is forced to be average.

Of course, assuming you're from the "correct social group," not only will you be encouraged to thrive, but you WILL thrive, irrespective of whether it's your hand or someone else's that gets you there. Activists will argue this is just turning the tables on white, wealthy privilege, but the reality is that they are punishing poor whites, and exceptional non-whites in order to make their point.

Two wrongs never make a right.


Wokes call any test blax do poorly on racist: and that's pretty much any test other than a basketball-dunking contest.

sqeptiq Level 9 May 19, 2021
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