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Freedom or necessary

Should covid vaccine be mandatory

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Poncho69 8 May 6
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The COVID vaccine shouldn't be mandatory. If COVID had had the original 100% falling down dead predictions it had at it's very beginnings, we wouldn't even be having this debate. People would be lined up in droves to get a vaccine.

This is the only scenario where people would be voluntarily lining up in droves to get a COVID vaccine:
-->COVID was 100% every bit as deadly as originally speculated
-->Beginning of 2020 Trump, Pelosi, and every Republican and Democrat politician completely abandoned their presidential campaigns and worked together towards getting a vaccine

COVID is not as deadly as originally predicted, the Democrats lost any credibility with this line of reasoning everytime they prioritized mass BLM protests over COVID mandates, open borders over COVID recommendations, and each and every maskless time they broke their own rules.

I'm not an anti vaxxer. I'm just skeptical about getting any of the COVID vaccines. A lot of people are. For good reasons imo. Weighing the risk of side effects and death from contracting COVID vs the side effects and death from taking any of the COVID vaccines, (not to mention long term side effects), is reason enough to give me pause.

Thankyou very much for your reply


I had to ask permission of every patient, even in emergency situations. I was only allowed proceed w/o permission if the patient was unconscious. Even then, if there was an Advanced Directive, or a Do Not Resuscitate I could not intervene.

Patients have the right to refuse any treatment. Why should this be any different?



I'll take a shot to the head before I'm FORCED to take a shot in the arm. Each to their own, we should all be allowed to take which ever chance we want to.

Tom81 Level 7 May 6, 2021

No. Not doing it. Period.

On this one I have an is, not an ought. I don't care what anyone else chooses, but I won't be pressured to participate in a clinical trial in the current information ecology.

govols Level 8 May 6, 2021

Long term side affects unknown and inevitable


We're in a very bad way to be at a point of having this conversation.

Is anyone tired of "living for other people?" I can't do that.
To paraphrase one of Rand's characters, "I could die for you, but I
could never live for you."


Get a shot for grandmot!

No thanks

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