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How seriously do you take Marxism?  I just finished watching Jordan Peterson's Critique of the Communist Manifesto for the second time.

My critique of Marxism is much different than Peterson's because I approach it from the point of view of understanding Marx.  What many critics of Marx seem to ignore is that not much of what is in the Communist Manifesto is actually original.  It is just a rehashing of ideas that had widely circulated before and after the French Revolution.  If you want to understand those ideas it's better to go to original sources than through Marx's rehashing of them.  The failure of the French Revolution should have been enough to dissuade anyone of the validity of those ideas.   So why less than a hundred years later did Marx become the most widely accepted proponent of communism?
What seems to have happened is that as peasants became workers a new ready made group of disaffected potential revolutionaries developed.  The fact that workers were concentrated in cities under appalling conditions of overcrowding made planning and executing revolution much easier than with scattered peasants.   Peasants that Marx mostly ignored.   Now we see the same phenomenon as workers are being ignored by Marxists in favor of other disaffected groups that are easier to turn into revolutionaries.

The point I'm making is that there is considerable evidence that Marxism was never about establishing a system but primarily motivated by the desire for revolution.  Therefore the primary critique has to identify the appeal of revolution and what in Marx's personality made revolution appealing to him.  By extension then what makes revolution appealing to his accolades.  It can't be a coincidence that the current crop seem to be upper middle class parasites like Marx.

Peterson must be aware of the point I'm making because he seems keenly aware of the human potential to desire destruction. Why does he gloss over this aspect?

wolfhnd 8 Apr 18
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It seems like the whole point of marxism is just to fight and struggle. Even if they win a battle, they will either turn on each other or look for another battle. They don't want solutions, they don't want any sort of peace - their utopia is just an excuse to keep fighting because it's always going to be out of grasp.

Tom81 Level 7 Apr 18, 2021

There are two types of people that want to burn it all down. The psychopath that Peterson has said hates existence itself and the narcissist who hates the restraints of civilization. Marxists fall into the latter group.

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