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Spotify Has Censored 42 Episodes of 'The Joe Rogan Experience' Podcast []

sqeptiq 7 Apr 8
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Leftists are book burners. Make them eat this label.

Nazis are associated with book burning. If there are two groups accusing each other of being Nazis, the group that's burning books is more likely to be the Nazi.

A dictator cannot be censored. Whoever is doing the censoring is the dictator. Censorship is dictatorship. Censorship is Naziism.

Leftists are worse than book burners. They burn not only their own books, they invade your home and burn your books, through big tech censorship.

They also invade your home by shaming bookshelves. They demand that people decolonize their bookshelves.

It's my damn bookshelf! I'll put whatever books I want on it. Get off my shelf!


The Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes contain a sample of fine Earth literature. The left can't sensor it because the probes are beyond Pluto. The aliens will be treated to uncensored Earth literature.


He knew Spotify were going to censor him, when he took their dollar.
Everyone has a price.


Someone should assemble a stash of all the good stuff that was censored and put it on a tidy 256 GB microSD card, so that we can pass it around.

Back in the day, we passed around computer games by exchanging floppy disks.

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