0 1 MEN’S RIGHTS ARE INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS: Feminism is socialism wearing a dress irrespective of their gender. At one point I had accounts with both Twitter & Facebook only because it just wouldn’t do with my chatty-Kathy nurses that I not – so they signed me up with them. And just the other day I heard that de-platformed Parl er chose to do business with a Los Angeles based company rather than one outside the United States – a mistake!

Now it’s of note that Gab got attacked & de-platformed quite a while ago - had to rebuild themselves and are back coming strong. While this video is concerning the MRM (Men’s Rights Movement) it’s still advisable, for the DECENTRALIZED #MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) philosophy to keep track of them, even though their objectives are reconciliation rather than distancing – hence this post & linked video. There are at least four maybe five information proliferators out there in the manosphere some of which fly the banner of MGTOW & yet others that fly the banner of MRA (Men’s Rights Activists). Then there are the PUA (Pick Up Artists) & of all things Dating Coaches. So when considering the manosphere your considering a considerable number of different view points.

This post is for no other reason that to try listing a few of the male oasis’ in this feminist socialism desert – hopefully you’ll find your own way to go?

You might consider #MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) an a-political, a- religious (in fact a everything for each man) non-conformist philosophy for INDIVIDUAL MEN GOING THEIR OWN WAY! Isn’t it worth a thought?

Posted by: Men Are Good Feb 22, 2021
“Cancel Culture Special -- Regarding Men”

PS. ALSO: There’ a MGTOW,com & a you can check out.

1914wizard 7 Feb 23
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