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And why the fuck not

RemiDallaire 8 Jan 14
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Brave gutsy. Should be more of it.


I am against censorship, deplatforming, and blocking services.

BUT. Sometimes you need to fight back using their tools. This is one of those times.


Need to put more content on Rumble

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Posted by RemiDallaireWith more and more soldier in the capital ....I have a strange deja vue feeling.

Posted by ObiwannosiSecurity .

Posted by Republic7Yeah Biden Won...........or not.

Posted by GeeMacA British Columbia woman has failed in her attempt to halt gender-altering surgery on her teenager.

Posted by GeeMacCanada’s Conrad Black makes a case for voter fraud and lists the many accomplishments of the Trump administration.

Posted by DrHiebertTrump was vilified by the left for border immigration practices, specifically placing children in buildings separated from their parents.

Posted by ObiwannosiInauguration Comparison

Posted by Daveclark5-.-.-. GUN GRAB IN FLORIDA BEGINS. -.-.-. [] - The verbiage could be used to criminalize ALL gun wonder and put them on a list of enemies of the state. (IMO)

Posted by bastionLol at this low energy Ben Garrison cartoon. I think even Ben knows that Trump is over lol! Sad really, wonder what Ben will do now? Maybe just constant weird horny stuff about AOC for Ben.

Posted by GeeMacAnyone else notice how Democratic set designers have carefully staged Joe Biden?

Posted by GeeMacAnyone else notice how Democratic set designers have carefully staged Joe Biden?

Posted by JohnHoukIntro to Smith’s ‘Amerikkans Are Content to Abandon Freedom’ SUMMARY: I have posted with some frequency the thoughts of those who point to impending Martial Law or some sort of organized ...

Posted by 2perosBeware The Useful Idiots...

Posted by FOTD13Someone is messing with us

Posted by parsifalMore truth to this than you can imagine...

Posted by 2perosIt Just Keeps Getting Better

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