1 2 “WOMEN WERE OWNED AS CHATTEL; MEN WERE OWNED AS BEASTS OF BURDEN?” As I can’t from where this quotation is from bu perhaps you’ll remember for me? Rest assured that it does exist somewhere in literature – somewhere?

To say that feminism is against mutual ownership of each other in marriage as quoted above would be a vast understatement. It would also mean that feminism and this gynocentric society we live in also reject such an idea.


Posted by Ronald Rock Aug 2, 2014
“Rolling Stones - Beast of Burden LIVE Tempe, Arizona '81

As Whoopi Goldberg said: “Speak English Mick.” To that sentiment I do agree, therefore here is the same song with lyrics on the screen,

Posted by: TikTokPlay May 4, 2020
“Beast Of Burden - The Rolling Stones (Lyrics)”

Young Men, women & this gynocentric society have decided that only the second half of the quote cited above is acceptable. No, there’s no male hatred there – is there?

PS. MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) FOREVER!

1914wizard 7 Jan 1
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You know why history repeats itself, not exactly the same but just different costumes. And not everywhere, either.
But in areas.
I remember when you never saw a fully covered Muslim or mosque.
Then, bang, like the virus, just everywhere, mostly on the take.

But maybe everyone was. Certainly the leader of Canada led in showing how to hide/ slowly...2..5..0 BILLION, and
nobody said ANYTHING? We pay the opposition to oppose.

I see it as a self centered society. Both are defrauding, men with money, women with...who knows?

I'm learning from women taking their marriages for granted.
Very stupid.
Nice men, very willing. Yes, it's tough to communicate but so worth it.

I can't see people feeling good about their lives as it's going.
Said leader of Canada defrauded probably the largest heist, but lost his marriage.
She was extremely self centered too.
Just like the bible said.

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