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Win or Lose Election Day – Prepare to Confront Future Tyranny

I am completely amazed that people are so dedicated to an American Leftist transformation and hateful of Donald Trump’s threat to that societal transformation that those same people defend corrupt politicians such as the Bidens, Clintons and other cadre Dems merely for the sake of transformation. If those people succeed with the Dem transformation, they deserve every bit of the totalitarianism that will be their future. I FOR ONE WILL NOT KNEEL TO DEM SOCIETAL TRANSFORMATION even if that means dying for American First Principles and my Christian faith in the process. There is an election November third. AND EVEN with documentation the Bidens duck facts with lies and the MSM propaganda machines support the Bidens with lies. AND SO I am cross posting some facts ignored by Dems, their propaganda machine and the Biden Crime Family will never own up to: []
#CrookedBidens #DemsLie #TransformOrPreserveRepublic #Election2020

JohnHouk 6 Oct 23
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How can one get through to you? Your post are enlightened, knowledgeable and worth reading. By making the same post in multiple groups, you clutter up the main page and alienate users of this site. At this time, your posts to six different groups have gleaned only one response.
A single post to "General & Hellos" will result in much more engagement and less displeasure from readers, and more users will actually read your post and respond.


You should be prepping for #secession.