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Biden Crime Syndicate Election Meddling 2020
John R. Houk, Blog Editor
© October , 2020

Yesterday I became aware of a New York newspaper with the fourth largest circulation in the USA broke a story implicating Hunter and Quid Pro Joe Biden directly to political corruption for monetary gain. I also became aware Twitter and Facebook began a Social Media censorship campaign to block the info from spreading publicly to favor the election of Biden Crime Syndicate head to the Office of President of the United States in the November 3, 2020 election cycle.

I also learned the so-called Mainstream Media (MSM) – TV news networks & print outlets – refused to report on the breaking news initially. THEN the MSM began a campaign to smear the NY Post as disseminating tabloid news. Can you imagine that? A respected newspaper with the fourth highest print circulation in the USA is suddenly a tabloid news outlet on the scale of gossip rags such as the National Enquirer or Jones?

Due Dem-Marxist Party propaganda machine in this election meddling censorship, I have a strong suspicious will be censored by Big Tech controlled Social Platforms (for example – Facebook jail might be in my future).

The existence of this story about Biden crimes might actually demonstrate the ironic difference between the old Clinton Crime Syndicate and the Biden Crime Syndicate. People with dirt on the Clintons die under mysterious and suspicious circumstances (mysterious suicides, no perpetrator murders, etc.). Biden Crime Syndicate leave a paper trail or forgotten laptops.

An interesting fact is the FBI had the Hunter laptop long before the NY Post broke this story. To date I have heard the coverup line that goes something like the FBI at this time can neither confirm or deny the authenticity of the files on the laptop alleged to belong to Hunter Biden. Further marking the degeneration of the FBI as corrupt Federal police organization under the control of the Deep State bureaucracy/Dem-Marxist Party.

AND SO I am cross posting info that points to the NY Post and Hunter Biden’s laptop that also incriminates Quid Pro Joe Biden: []
#HunterLaptopIncrimination #BidenCrimeSyndicate #ElectionMeddling #SocialMediaCensorship

JohnHouk 6 Oct 18
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