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Maybe President Pelosi is their plan. That would be great. You could still have a chance.

A1fredo 7 Oct 12
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Pfff... jesus take the wheel haha

KanjaG Level 7 Oct 12, 2020

Well, this comment is based on the previous two posts. If you only saw this alone, it's way out of context.

@A1fredo nope. Saw them all.

@A1fredo btw, are you checking out the Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing of ACB? Letting you know just in case you're interested. It's day 1 of 3

@KanjaG It's my day off, and I have tuned in to Fox News, but I mute it whenever a Democrat is speaking so as not to ruin my day.

@KeithThroop What? No, it's about getting the Judge into place? Is it interesting? They're having like a personal judgement meeting on her? Sorry for my naivete.

@KanjaG Where can I watch? YouTube I guess? I'll try YouTube.

@A1fredo it’s basically to find out more about her but ok. Yup, youtube

@KanjaG ?? What? No, it was an honest question xD I don't know much about that process. I'm currently looking where to watch.

@KanjaG I would've liked with a sad face (weird...,) there's no sad smileys (weirder) tho...

@KanjaG Found it, thanks

@A1fredo lol no worries. YouTube has it. On CSpan

@KanjaG When do we get to know if she gets in?

@A1fredo i don't know. I hope right after. The event is 3 more days lol