1 0 SOCIALISM IS ULTIMATELY CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY! Use your little gray cells. The NAZIS (National Socialists) told people they were about to take showers when the herded them into poison gassing room decorated to indeed look like showers. Don’t you think they (those people) rather wanted a shower after being transported for days like cattle in locked box cars without sanitary facilities ? It’s not expeditious to inform people that your exterminating them. Evil & foolishness are not synonymous. They’re two entirely different things.

Duplicity in war (declared or not declared) is just another form of stealth. And that same duplicitous behavior is true of any type of attack regardless of the type of weapon. Were the Japanese notified ahead of time of the attacks on Hiroshima & Nagasaki? Was Hiroshima & Nagasaki military targets? The idea that there are gentleman’s rules of conduct in war are ideas of fools. And dead fool don’t tend to complain afterwards. Why do you think America has stealth aircraft in its arsenal – to broadcast their presence?

Anyone that has the least knowledge of socialism in the 20th century should have no illusions about the true nature of socialist ideology regardless of its distorted flavor or misleading name. A devout Utopian Socialist truly believes that “The end justifies the means” and that “You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.” MAKE NO MISTAKE, a devout communist will without remorse sacrifice the lives of any number of fellow communists in their collective quest for the promised Communist Utopia that actually never ever materializes. This is why Ayn Rand could unequivocally say that all tyrannies are based on altruism – YOUR ALTRUISM!

You’ve got blinders on if you think that the CCP (Chinese Communist Part) wouldn’t sacrifice the whole city of Wuhan China making it their delivery system for a weapon. ASK YOURSELF just why would they locate their only level 4 bio laboratory in the middle of Wuhan a city of 10 million people? Please do correct particulars in this paragraph as I’ve no intention of double checking them because they’re close enough if not perfect as written. ASK YOURSELF why would the quarantine Wuhan from the rest of China and not from the rest of the world. Intentional or not, that made Wuhan, China a weapon(s) delivery system. And Donald Trump a xenophobic racist for blocking travel into the United States – or so the democrats portrayed him.

Socialism is a beautiful snake with absolutely deadly venom. It might be apropos to compare the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) to the North American coral snake that’s only hampered by its lack of a good delivery system for its venom.

Get real people, attacks are not announced ahead of time. And you don’t announce it at all if your intended purpose was political destabilization & not destruction. Political destabilization of an enemy with superior military strength in coordination with agents rioting under false pretenses like BLM Black Lives Matter founded by “TRAINED MARXISTS.”

Posted by: Bannon WarRoom – Citizens of the American Republic Oct 10, 2020
“War Room: Pandemic Ep 431 - America Confronts CCP Bioweapon Virus (w/ Dr. Li Meng Yan)”

1914wizard 7 Oct 12
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Have a closer look at the crowds in BLM or Antifa rioters. How many do you see there that are over say, 40 years old? The problem is that this demography have no experience at all of living under a socialist regime.

I feel they're going to find out what it's like when it's far too late.

angelo Level 7 Oct 12, 2020