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Far-right groups, feeling support from Trump, find fertile recruiting ground in the Northwest

B1967 7 Oct 1
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It would be nice to see the western states move rightward...

I think that the more rural and/or eastern parts of these northwestern states (i.e. Washington, Oregon, northern California) are already more conservative. It is the large urban areas on the coasts that are so liberal, but they also make up the large majority of the population, which means they dominate the politics. The situation is similar to that of Illinois, where I live. Most of the central and southern parts of the state are more conservative, but the majority of the population is in Chicago/Cook County and is liberal, and they dominate the state politics. The rest of us feel pretty much like we have no voice, but we keep trying.


More like, "Far Out". As a wonderful Canadian, Gavin McInnes.kicked off the group, as a lark! The Media invented all of the rest of the Story. Oooooh," A FORMER, KluKluxKlan, " ...... who, Joey Gibson converted to sanity. And he prays. You Hoo is Bad News!


anything right of Mao is considered “Far” in the PNW.

RobD1 Level 6 Oct 1, 2020

Just waiting for the reports of how they're burning down black businesses.

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