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Bikers descend on Sturgis rally with few signs of pandemic

B1967 7 Aug 8
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WILD and FREE, the American way!!!!!
WE have always been risk takers, that is who WE are!!!!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 Aug 9, 2020

Oh yea


A lot of those guys n gals are in the vulnerable age group. My neighbor showed me a video of his wife in hospital with Covid 19. it was not a pretty sight. She was on a ventilator, pipes and wires everywhere. She died 4 days later. This is not like an ordinary cold.
Take care guys.

Did THEY ever give that drug that TRUMP backed??????
Either way, sorry to hear of the loss, I lost a wife, so I get it!!!!!

@Serg97 The drug that Trump backed is as effective as a placebo and has life threatening side effects, so no.

@maxmaccc That is why is was an over the counter drug for about sixty years in most of the countries in the world, RIGHT????????????

@Serg97 Different drugs for different ailments. Covid 19 is a new virus.Follow the science rather that political propaganda. On a side note, is your "?" key sticking on?

@maxmaccc just making a point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Serg97 Ah.


right on we ain't no dummies!