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If the left is guilty of "cultural Marxism," surely the right is guilty of "legal fascism," no? []

WilyRickWiles 8 July 28
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Fascism is a leftist ideology, its core idea is that state should control practically everything from the economy to culture to our personal lives, which is the antithesis of everything the right believes in. Also, nothing about the current right is fascist, neither Trump, nor the RINOs, nor the alt-right lobbies for anything even just remotely similar to anything fascist. The closest thing to actual fascists nowadays is, ironically, the communist wing of antifa that wants strict state control over everything from the economy to culture to our personal lives. Mussolini's fascist party in Italy had an organized gang of thugs beating up their political opponents on the streets, they all dressed in black and covered their faces to avoid identification. Does this remind you of something?

BTW, there's no need to put cultural marxism in scare quotes, it's a well-defined philosophy with books written by its followers about how Marxism can only win if it first demolishes traditional western culture. Antonio Gramsci was its godfather, other well-known names include Herbert Marcuse, George Lukacs, Rudi Dutschke, and so on. That this isn't taught in schools nowadays doesn't make the facts go away...


I don’t know about ‘legal fascism’. I’m more concerned with the Right’s lack of principle, direction, focus, spine, and balls.


Nowhere does the link mention Fascism, your way of mitigating the left are the bad guys?

As for the link its an interesting concept and with the amount of judges Trump has appointed so far is likely to become turbo-charged even if he doesn't win 4 more years.

It's about as hyperbolic as Marxism.


Cutural Marxism isn't hyperbole it has clear philosophical roots in the Frakfurt school, expoused by Marxists like Marcuse et al.

@CookieMonster []


Just because a communist says it doesn't exist doesn't make it true. Read a few paragraphs and the slight of hand the author uses is for example, "How can you approve of sympathetic gay people appearing in yogurt commercials if it's all a commie plot?" The problem here for example is over exposure and attempting to silence criticism to promote identity and victim culture for example, you get 1 rememberence day but a black history/gay pride month, really?

@CookieMonster LOL. Reason is communist now...right.


That makes no sense, are you trying the same slight of hand as in the article?

@CookieMonster It's a longtime right-wing libertarian publication.


Looking at the latest article I would say it is not a rightwing publication but regardless, you ar endulging an appeal to authority falacy. The Article does mention the Frankfurt School but doesn't mention Marcuse . this matters as both were interested in the power dynamics of oppression and however the shift came from the working class to "Oppressed groups" they laid the roots, they were social theorists not economic ones. To be honest the shift may have more to do with the political collectivist lefts love of voting blocks. but the links are clearly their.


"Marcuse's analysis of capitalism derives partially from one of Karl Marx's main concepts: Objectification...Marcuse took this belief and expanded it. He argued that capitalism and industrialization pushed laborers so hard that they began to see themselves as extensions of the objects they were producing"

IOW it was all a form of social conditioning therefor any revolution would come via culture not economics.

Anyway the article is halfbaked and slanted.

@CookieMonster Cultural Marxism is a conspiracy theory. The right knows more about the Frankfurt School that the left does. Much like Saul Alinsky.

Slight of hand and misinformation are the standard tools they use...


The House is Democratically controlled and responsible for introducing legislation. Most federal judges are Democrats. When one reads the Constitution you understand that the President executes the laws given to us by Congress. So this whole "legal fascism" look no further than the cultural Marxists in the House. You know the ones--they gave us the Monsanto Protection Act and the justice department under Holder that set the precedent of "if the president does it, it's legal".

What was Holder's "Terrorism Committee"? It put the ENTIRE COUNTRY under surveillance. ALL OF US! The CIA spied on Congress under Obama. They are NOT allowed under their own charter to spy domestically but Obama gave them a pass and not a goddamn soul was arrested for it.

Give me a partisan break. Are the Republican politicians assholes? Most of them, sure but the Left is guilty of more than cultural Marxism. They are guilty of outright aggression towards are liberties: Bake the Cake! Don't make that website! Don't talk about the president! Are we forgetting that the feds had someone arrested for posting a song lyric about Obama?

Without Obama setting the precedent of shooting people who occupy federal buildings (though we can go back to Clinton with Waco I guess) you wouldn't have what we have today in Oregon. As Rand Paul says, once you lose a liberty it does not come back.

I would completely help you tear the Republicans a new one if you would just not act like a partisan hack when it comes to the Left. Be honest with yourself and others.

EDIT: I forgot that they also were the people who droned a 16 year old US citizen while he was drinking tea and never even was questioned by the lapdog press about it. Scahill and Greenwald, yes, but the rest of those asskissers looked the other way.

The same person lecturing us on being more pro-Muslim at home was out there killing them like Cancer using the CIA drone program.

Thank you. This is factual, to the point, and much better than I would have written it. Well done!

@PamelaSteele I was a former Obama supporter so he made me extremely angry. I felt like Obiwan Kenobi when Anakin went evil:


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