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Was Jenna Marbles impersonating Nicki Minaj black face? Isn't what Nick Cannon did in his "white people music" album cover what you would call actual black face, if he were white pretending to be black? Because he wasn't impersonating an actual person like Jenna did, he was doing a stereotypical caricature of an entire group of people.

Lilu 5 July 26
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The thing is she was praising Nicki Minaj so I don't consider that Black Face. When you are praising a culture it is meant as an honor and praise. When you are making them look a fool or evil then it is, at least in my opinion. I think it is all about the application and intention of the look. Just my two cents!

I agree. And when we look at Nick Cannons album cover and then hear him talk about white people being savages and closer to animals because of a lack of melanin, it's hard to think that his "white people music" album cover was anything other than an attack on white people. Which is ironic because I'm sure I remember him saying in an interview that white people are his largest fan base.

@Lilu Agreed!


When you change the definition of racism, then it's okay.

This is how the far left win.


Nick Cannon's actual "justification" for the whiteface was the old line of "it's impossible to be racist against white people because they're the institutionally privileged ones."

I know... it's a bit rich for someone who is an actual black supremacist to say that!