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Have you ever felt oppressed by the towering nature of skyscrapers and thought "wow, these buildings look like a bunch of giant penises gang raping the sky and ejaculating into the universe against its will". Neither have I, but apparently some crazy feminists have and they clearly need help.

Lilu 5 July 23
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Its a complete shit show out there and its not just ejaculating into the sky with these tall buildings now its traffic lights little white man for the walk signals i guess BLM with the colour of the road is that not black? so they did not get enough black there what about its evil to say hello to a woman this is somehow rape? HELLO what the actual fuck i know @IsaacButterfield has the right idea we all need to stand tall just like the bunch of giant penises gang raping the sky and ejaculating into the universe against its will and fight before using your white toilet becomes racist!

Yeah it’s getting ridiculous...

@Lilu that it is I do think it is time for us all to stand tall.


I think it's hilarious these people refer to buildings "ejaculating into the sky." Don't they know what an erection is in biology and architecture? Oh, but of course... erections disappear when feminazis are around... at least those remotely connected to a brain!

If they had stopped at buildings looking like giant penises I might have just thought they had wild imaginations, but buildings oppressing people and ejaculating into the sky is just... I don’t even know if crazy quite describes it.

@Lilu It's crazy alright... What kind of structures would they prefer? Giant underground caves?

@DaveO276 LOL. That would be right up their alley since they are probably also BLM activists and caves are usually dark. "White" caves just won't do.


Yeah, one of the crazier texts I've ever come across... there's always next minute.

govols Level 7 July 23, 2020

I worry they may fall, that is the only thing I worry about around tall buildings.

God help us all if that happens. The crazy feminazis will be worried about being impregnated by falling buildings while the rest of us will be worried about being crushed to death!

@Lilu No big deal... they could just get an abortion!

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