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I don't see anyone incensed over this "gun death" in an anti gun area...

DontbeanassO 5 June 13
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I was told once by a friend that the first steps to overthrow a government is to dumb down and disarm the populace. Seems we are half way there already.

The dumbing down has been going on for a long time

@BikerPetehall70 it has. Refer to Carl Sagan... and George Carlin

@WhiskeyM obedient workers!


Guns are NOT and Never were the problem!!!!
If it was the guns, how many mass shootings would we have at GUN SHOWS???????????
Criminals are criminals!!!!!! Criminals have been killing for thousands of years, most of which, NO guns!!!!!!
We ALWAYS hear when a gun is involved in a crime!!!!
We DO NOT hear about every time a gun protects the good guy!!!! The good guy may never fire a shot, but the presence gun still protected him!!! Personally, been there done that!!!!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 June 13, 2020