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People are out of patience with CV especially when the CDC lowers the fatality rate to about 0.04%. There may be more cases with opening the economy but that doesn't mean the fatality rate will increase. Back to normal not the 'new normal'.


dd54 8 May 26
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0.26% or about 2 and a half times worse than the flu death rate of 0.1%. The 0.04% number is incorrect (0.004 not 0.0004 for symptomatic). New York City has a much higher death rate so something else went wrong there. I still think the CDC is wrong about 35% being symptomatic. In February they were estimating that only 14% were reporting to hospitals. The Santa Clara study suggested that only 5% were symptomatic.



It's a political war folks. nuff said....TRUMP 2020


CV is a joke two days ago I spent 5Hrs unplugging a clogged sewer line,yup packed full of shit , TP, and who knows what else. then had to reset the two toilets and clean up floors and tools, you relay think I'm worried about a common cold.

KeVince Level 8 May 27, 2020

I missed the 0,04%.

Link to where this was posted?

Hanno Level 7 May 27, 2020

Ah, 0,4... not 0,04.
Found the source...


Killing the economy will kill more people than any virus. People are oblivious


0.04%!! Yeah, by all means let’s destroy civilization over 0.04%!

In Hawaii we average 647 deaths due influenza annually. We've had 17 CV deaths. The lockdiwn has resulted in 28.2% unemployment. Ask me what's killing people in our dem run state.

@dd54 It’s past time to water the tree of liberty!

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