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Forwarding a post (Translated from Afrikaans). Please share far and wide.

Here in Namibia - it's not a story or wonder - I don't like creating fake news. - I've done work on all the Uranium mines, so my knowledge is first hand. All of the operationally active Uranium mines in Namibia belong to China and there
is a race to get their hands on the remaining Uranium sources largely owned by Canadians and Australians. The mines do not pay taxes, which they are all at a loss. This is achieved by the fact that China does not buy Uranium at the international price, but determines an overnight price to China which puts all the mines at a loss here. About 75% of the workforce on the mines is Chinese, many of whom are just pushing "wheelbarrows" I myself am a South African who has to go through rigorous inspections every two years, because you only get a work and stay permit here if you have some unique "skill" that adds value to the country. Here are many very unskilled Chinese who do that type of work, while the Government's own people who fought for "freedom," which still votes for the Government to this day, are largely unemployed in Ovamboland. Marlene and I live on the southernmost part of the City of Windhoek and our house is adjacent to the Main Military Base - formerly known as "Leopard Valley Military Base" Until March I was the CEO of the largest Engineering company in Namibia. Our company and I were on base daily at times, erecting large structures there. Over time, the most strange and all Chinese vehicles were driven and stored in it. The footprints are not vehicles used at all - I know this as an old Mechanized Infantry who did more than my part in Angola - to handle an attack on the land other than vehicles to carry out domestic repression. Furthermore, military bases have been built in Keetmanshoop, Karibib and Grootfontein, only one of which is large enough to house our entire army. So what all this saving capacity created for? Here are more vehicles and infrastructure our small country can ever use. So it makes sense to me, all that the Chinese have to fly in overnight is people. Everything else is already in place. These I have personally seen in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and here in "my country" Namibia "We have to stop wondering if this is the case. This is so, it is rather a case when China puts the SADC countries under administration, because of the debt burden and when to send in their powers to protect their interests United Nations can't say anything against it, it's normal business practice if someone owes you money and the west won't be able to mobilize their armies. ideal platform for the idea that has come a long time to accelerate it.

JennaGardner 7 May 17
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The Chinese were trying this in America until Trump stopped them they still have land holdings but can not bring in their own labor force.

KeVince Level 8 May 17, 2020

Sounds like it is already too late, especially as the local government is already in their pocket. Tough times ahead for the continent. Very sad.

skaarda Level 7 May 17, 2020

Definitely something is amiss. China is rapidly expanding it's interests in the African continent, and the various governments are actually welcoming the take over, as most are progressives from the left side of politics.

angelo Level 8 May 17, 2020

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