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I’m tired of these people. I no longer care what they think or say. There is nothing to be gained by refuting lies grounded in venom and bile. There is no profit to be made investing time, energy and ideas in a debate that is rigged from the start.

Andrea Mitchell says there’s something suspicious about Trump talking to Putin on the same day the case against Flynn collapses. She says this in the guise of a news broadcast. Adam Schiff says the Flynn case Is proof that AG Barr is politicizing the Justice Department. He said this with a straight face. O.J. Simpson, when handed police photos of Nichole’s bruised and battered face, swore under oath that he saw no evidence of abuse. My father-in-Law swore till the day he died that he wasn’t an alcoholic. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt,

ALANON teaches that when you allow a dysfunctional person into your life, and accommodate their dysfunctional behavior, your life, by definition, becomes dysfunctional. “It was easy for me to recognize that the alcoholic in my life had a problem. But I fought like hell admitting that I had the same problem.” Such is the nature of co-dependency.

I listen to a supposedly intelligent commentator like Sean Hannity proclaiming, yet again, ”GASP! SHOCK! There’s a double standard;” a Mike Gallagher finding himself dumbfounded by Nancy Pelosi’s unending incoherence; a brilliant man like Dennis Prager financing a movie in an effort to explain that removing free speech from society probably isn’t a good thing; I see intelligent people on sites such as this trying to explain the corruption, decay and sheer evil at the left’s core—enablers all, sucked up into a dysfunctional debate from which no one emerges unscathed. Attempts to refute diseased thought with logic corrupts the very idea of logic, and validates the disease, elevating it to the level of those ideas worthy of discussion and debate.

So far there’s no 12-Step program for intellectual co-dependency. Too bad. I think we all could use a whole lot of meetings.

Edgework 8 May 10
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Perhaps I should clarify. Yes, I’m tired, tired of pretending there’s anything useful to be gained by engaging in sny kind of dialogue with the left. I think they need to be defeated, not converted. They need to be obliterated, not reasoned with. What the past three years have shown conclusively is that they are the enemy of this country and they need to be treated as such. Yeah, that sounds a lot like civil war. In case you haven’t been paying attention, we’ve been at war for many years, but until recently, only one side has noticed.

"It is better for people to think you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt'

Mark Twain


Leaving the left to run rampant is like the coronavirus. It will surge and do a lot of damage before we develop a herd immunity. I think we have hit the peak and the herd immunity is well on it's way. That doesn't mean we shouldn't try and mitigate the virus of leftism. Challenging their position is like using sanitizer to fight them. The ideology of the left, by it's very nature, will eventually eat it's own. You are seeing evidence of it now. The feminists and the gays are fighting back against the trans bullying. The #MeToo movement is collapsing because of the hipocrisy surrounding the coverage of Joe Biden. The leftist support of Muslims has caused them to lose gay and feminist support as more have come to realize that the lack of rights and danger to gays and women in Muslim majority countries is an untenable position. I am tired but I have hope. I see a light at the end of this decades long tunnel and I don't think it's a train.

debb1eb Level 4 May 10, 2020

Brilliant and very well articulated observation - "intellectual co-dependency"

True enough there is a living to made in punditry and what would the likes of Shaun Hannity and Dennis Prager do were it not for the existence of people like AOC, Nanny Pelosi, Hillary Clinton...etc.
This dynamic is a bit like the dynamic of asymmetric warfare. The left(ists) being a giant steamrolling partnership of opportunistic politicians and stupidly idealistic media corporations and their flashy chattering pundits.
While I am not a fan (at all) of Hannity nor Prager for that matter I see the necessity and value of their existence. If they did not exist there would be someone else just like them because it isn't the men themselves that are needed so much as it is the argument for conservatism itself that must be heard.
Globalism, Marxism, Socialism are omnipresent and dangerously destructive. Yin and Yang - it would seem but if the Left is Yin and Yang is the Right I submit that should Yang cease to exist Yin will NOT die but will rapidly and exponentially grow.
I believe the Left does NOT need the right in order to exist.

iThink Level 8 May 10, 2020

I'm tired, too. It's like arguing with children. My instincts tell me to slap them upside the head, telling them to go sit in the corner until I tell you you can move. Drowning in idiots.

@lisalisa00 I agree

@lisalisa00 If they'd received more like that as children they would have realized that it is unacceptable as behavior for adults.


If you plan to give up... just think what the alternative will be. I’ve known conservatives that have and pretty much have been worn down with the relentless drum of the Democrats and liberal media... one even fled to Cabo San Lucas due to Tea Party connections and IRS targeting. Her husband died while they were in exile, she’s back now but has given up the fight. In our life time we may never win, but can you really live with yourself if you don’t at the very least have faith even up till your dying breath that you stood up for what is right.

I added an additional comment clarifying my position. as the dong says, “Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.”


I understand, never the less, I will continue even after I too am too tired of these people. It's an illogical driven compunction with me. I wish a bit of respite for you and that you recover the energy that gave you the drive.

Not giving up the fight. Seeking better means of accomplishing the goal.


As long as people are made to feel comfortable where they are at there will be no incentive for them to change. When the pain of remaining the same is less than the pain of change no change will come. because of this enablers become their own worst enemy, destroying their lives thinking the are helping the other,in the end both are lost. psychology has become the worst enemy of our society in that it has enabled those that are engaged in self destructive behavior to blame others and has led others to believe they are the cause of the bad behavior of others.

KeVince Level 8 May 10, 2020

Yes, please don’t give up. It is through people like you that change can come. One person at a time, like a tortoise, we will win out against the “hare”.

I think, like the Marines, it’s time to attack in a different direction. I added a comment that I hope clarifies things.


Please don't give up.
"they know not what they do" is correct, luckily you do know.
If you spend your entire life pointing it out to millions people and only one wakes up - that one more starfish back in the sea.

Appreciate your sentiments. I added a comment clarifying my thinking.

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