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Do we need even more LGBT characters on TV?

Over 10% of tv characters are LGBT. It is known that GLAAD and other gay organizations lobby studios for more of them. Do you want to see more, fewer or the same % we have now?

Clammypollack 7 Nov 18
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What's in it for Madison Avenue (advertising) to be demoting whites? Prime time commercials seem to only include whites as a last-person token gesture. You would think whites were a minority based on their representation - frequency of appearance - in the big-bucks commercials.
This is a serious question; are these companies somehow getting a kickback for promoting minorities, in their aggregate total numbers, as the apparent majority population? They certainly don't spend more money on products than whites.

I think they are likely selling to a younger demographic which buys into the mantra that whites, males, straights, Christians, capitalists and patriotic folks are bad and everyone else is good.


Every show seems to have its Tokens, even down to the commercials


I went ofr years without watching any television. IN recent years though I have suffered some physcial troubles which has taken me off my feet far more than I care for. As a result I spend more time now watching things on the comuter, Hulu mainly. In the past people had hissy fits about this group or that group not having enough representation in entertainment. So they started putting more black characters, introducing a variety of other ethnic characters. That was fine until they also chose to rewrite history placing blacks or muslims in miliraty units in WWII, or back in the old west when you knew damned well they were not there. I have also noted that there are a lot of black characters in shows about old European stories where there certainly were not blacks in the courts, and royal families. Now we have so many various members of the "alternative" life style choices they want us to think everyother person is of some form of sexual degenerate. In most cases the characters sexual orientation does not even have a bearing on the plot, it really has nothing to do with the story line at all. They just throw the gay, bi, lesbian character in to force everyone to accept that there is nothing wrong with these chosen life style. Heck I am even seeing material that is touching on normalizing child rape. It is all a part of a specific social/political agenda and has nothing to do with fairness, reality, or what people actually want to see. It is pure propaganda. The less of it there is the better off we will be as a society

You can tell that it's propaganda, but my big complaint is that they're just so lazy about it sometimes!

You see, the media thinks you have an IQ lower than the speed limit on the freeway. They think that the simple platitude of shoehorning in an LGBT character into a position in a show is enough to give that group proper demographic representation. It's not. It's tokenism, which has been described by people who lean far more left than me as an ultimately disingenuous form of inclusion.

@PoliticalAtheist There is so much about television and movies these days that relies on people not knowing their ass from a h0ole in the ground. The more I see the more I am convinced they are really just exposing their own full blown ignorance. Nothing makes this more clear than seeing all the idiotic things they show with guns. The people making the movies obviously have never been in proximity of a real gun being used, much less actually having used one.


I'm a firm believer in representation by population... what percentage of the population is actually LGBTQ? 3%?5%? 8%? It would seem only right then to only have that same percentage reflected in media... just because you're loud doesnt mean you get to be plastered on every media tool available... it could be used racially as well... but I think it has been for the most part...


they are over represented in every single new film and show. I don't watch them anymore because it is pure propaganda and manipulation. No thanks!!

mags Level 4 Nov 18, 2019

My wife and I were watching the new Star Trek and as soon as the doctor and the engineer started making out, we were done even though we were enjoying the show up to that point. We felt like it was stuck in there to make a point. i Don’t miss it.


I'm not for or against LGBT characters in media. My only criticism of this is when I feel like the characters have been, "shoehorned in" as a form of political pandering rather than as a mechanism that actually drives the plot forwards.


Why is this an issue? How does a group that represents LESS than 5% of the total population say they aren't represented proportionally? I guess everybody's gotta have a hill to due on🤦♂️🤦♂️🤦♂️


Do you watch television?

Facci Level 7 Nov 18, 2019

nope! Don't own one. I do have internet and older videos.


Do the easy thing and just stop watching TV. Not because they have gay characters but because tv just sucks. Read more or watch documentaries or exercise or do anything of value.

@JimbobNE we actually do watch very little TV but it’s amazing that what little we do watch often has at least one gay character. We totally agree the TV generally sucks and thankfully we like to do things together as a family and TV often isn’t one of them

@JimbobNE stopped watching tv and movies a few years back! I believe Hollywood is vile and I choose not to support them. The only exception was Marvel with my son... endgame ruined that, so done! I’d rather be outside!

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