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LINK MORE PROMOTION OF OBESITY! Biden 'Obesity Expert' Claims Willpower Doesn't Exist and Obesity Is a 'Brain Disease'

Here are the highlights of Stanford’s remarkably detached-from-reality obesity religion masquerading as science:

“[Obesity] is a brain disease.”
“Throw [willpower] out the window.”
“The number one cause of obesity is genetics. That means if you were born to parents that have obesity, you have a 50-85% likelihood of having the disease yourself even with optimal diet, exercise, sleep management, stress management, so when people see families that have obesity, the assumption is, ‘Ugh. What are they feeding those kids? They’re doing something wrong.'”
“Doctors do not understand obesity.”

To summarize the tenets of the faith, fat children (who are getting fatter by the year) of fat parents are fat because of genetics, not because the whole family eats the same GMO-processed slop. Doctors have biases against obese people, and they also don’t understand obesity.

You’ll be scandalized and flabbergasted to learn that the good doctor is actually a paid pharmaceutical shill—or, as the New York Times more delicately puts it, “Dr. Stanford has served as an adviser for a number of pharmaceutical companies, a common practice for experts in the field.”

sqeptiq 9 Jan 24
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Since the Department of Agriculture and not the Department of Health has been designing the food pyramid the medical profession has tried to accommodate it and gotten diet wrong. Many things have been promoted as healthy and aren't but satisfy the food industry. As an example, hydrogenated vegetable oils, touted for decades as a more healthy option to butter have now disappeared from supermarket shelves. Heart disease was the number one cause of death in the fifties and it still is. Have we not learned anything? Sugar, while known as being unhealthy is never officially condemned or called to be banned. Doctors will at least suggest people cut down on their sugar. Type 2 Diabetes used to be called sugar diabetes in the fifties but the sugar lobby didn't like the association so they lobbied to have it called something else.

I think the era of low fat, low salt, calorie counting diets are coming to an end and that's a good thing.


You might want to share this with the copious amount of Trump supporters who refuse to acknowledge that he is morbidly obese, and keep making NFTs and memes of him with bulging muscles in peak physical condition. Trump supporters are singlehandedly promoting obesity.

The Trump muscle memes are jokes. What isn't a joke is "social justice" scholars' and activists' promotion of obesity as healthy and beautiful.

@sqeptiq "everything that makes me look bad is just a joke".

Why don't you just give up on trump???? How long has he NOT BEEN IN OFFICE AND POWER BUT YOU JUST CAN'T JUST LET IT GO as biden STEALS TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He certainly doesn't eat that well. I wouldn't call him morbidly obese though. He could lose some weight, yes but far from morbidly obese.

At least Trump is not a Liberal and

@samtilley is he not still the head of the Republican party? Does the Republican party not still kneel at his altar and obey his every word, shaking in their boots that they could upset him? Is he not running unopposed (so far) for the 2024 Republican ticket? Maybe if he goes away and stops injecting himself into everything, we can finally ignore him.

Also, if you wanna talk about stealing documents, Trump has Biden beat by a few hundred.

@JacksonNought And your satanist hero obama has everyone beat with 80,000 stolen documents at his house and who knows where else!

@samtilley Obama is a Christian, not a Satanist. I'm also curious where you are getting these "facts"? From Trump's mouth?

@JacksonNought Obama is muslim! Do your research! What facts are you talking about???? Trump is done, get over it!!! It seems to me and the rest of the people in here that YOU are the one that can't get over trump You have an unhealthy obsession with trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@JacksonNought No trump is not the head of the republican party!

@samtilley no, Obama is a Christian. I believe he is Protestant. He regularly attended church. The overwhelming majority of US presidents have been Christian. There has never been a Muslim or a Jew. Trump may be one of the first Atheists, actually, though he clearly exploited Christianity for the Evangelical vote - remember he couldn't even name a Bible quote he liked, and didn't know how to say 2 Corinthians.

Trump is not done. He is running for the Republican ticket for the 2024 presidential election. At the moment he is unopposed, so currently he will be the Republican candidate. He is still making media appearances every day, ranting and raving. He held countless rallies and offered endorsements in the midterms. Republicans still see him as the leader of the party and consistently pledge fealty to him. Just look at reps like McCarthy and Greene and Boebert who constantly kiss the ring.

@JacksonNought TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP!!!!

Why does obama speak arabic?????

@samtilley why does Obama speak Arabic? I don't know, maybe because he learned it at some point? Learned a few key phrases for foreign meetings? Seems like a pretty useful skill considering just how deep America is in Middle Eastern oil baron pockets. Is that really all you are going off of? Obvious troll is obvious.

@jacksonnought if you hate america so much, why the hell don't you move to china, russia, cuba, iran, north korea or some othe shit hole that you love?? Oh you already live in a tent on kennsinto in filthadelphia

@samtilley I believe you mean Kensington? If you're going to troll, at least try to spell things correctly.


It comes down need to burn the calories you consume, or it will turn into fat.

FEWI Level 8 Jan 24, 2023

No really the guy proved that wrong. Sugar stops your body from burning food and makes you tired. ATP. Kids were gaining weight eating 500 calories a day. Eliminate sugar and processed foods. Keto or vegan doesn't matter as long as the food is actual food. Coke isn't food. Boycott coke.

As your body heals it will burn more energy and you will exercise naturally again

Calorie counting is old school.


If you're a fat liberal you have a brain disease

And not because you are fat!!!!!!!!

Liberals are fatheads, but they don't have to be fat. They can lose weight by eating less.


Most obese people have no mental disorder and are just lazy. There are some cases of people with bidge eating disorders but they can be overcome and if you do not want to put commitment into fixing yourself. You are just lazy and endangering your own health. Fat acceptance culture has gone to far

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