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In case you have not yet seen the nauseating 2022 Commonwealth Opening Ceremony, here are the highlights.
For the blind and subservient, for the dismissive ostrich sticking its head in the sand; even this, astonishingly, would be dismissed as art or mythology or interpretative dance.
But the sheep won't be around much longer; their hubristic skepticism is irrelevant.
For the awoken, skin crawls and hearts stop. Nearly an hour on live television of Ba'al Worship and a burning Towel of Babel.
Satanism. Luciferianism. Witchcraft.
They are upon us.
The awoken understand.
The deeply awoken truly understand.
From the Canaanites to Rome to Switzerland and Greenland, and now pridefully broadcast to the world β€” this is a battle for the Earth, for our consciousness, for our future.
They refer to this as the climax of history's progress. Ironic, seeing as how they had written your history, revised your bibles, defined your Earth and distorted the present.
And the resistance? That is us. Not us awaiting political or divine messiahs. If they come, blessed are we. But we do not sit idly awaiting our souls to be collected.
We are one consciousness. We and the entire universe are God fragmented. We are one. We are the answer to the darkness.

Weltansicht 8 Aug 5
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For some reason for many years every time I see "Prince Charles" I am reminded of the Hunchback of Notre Dame as played by Charles Laughton in the scene where his is crowned "King of Fools". Here is a short clip of that scene:

iThink Level 9 Aug 6, 2022

This lavish Pagan ritual reminded me of "O, Fortuna" - the Karmina Burana by Carl Orf.
I'm sure most of you will recognize the music when it begins. Pay attention to the English subtitles of the songs lyrics.
The entire video is over 8 minutes but you really only need to watch up to the 3 minute mark. The rest of the video is not particularly interesting or entertaining.

iThink Level 9 Aug 6, 2022

Jesus fucking christ, are you guys serious?
A cow is the mascot of the game!!!!πŸ™„

Do you also see satan every time you use Elmer's glue or eat a hamburger? πŸ˜‚

Wake up sheeple! God gave you free will and a brain, fucking start using it!!!!😑

Hiding in plain sight might be more a concept beyond vitriolic expletives but you're entitled to your opinion.

The game concept choice appears to be the bullring and subliminal reinforcement of the bull market and capitalistic, buy, buy

I only see 'satan' in the McDogfood's & Beyond Meat's McPlant burgers

Plain sight is the exact opposite of subliminal.
Get your socialist Marxist conspiracy webs straight and get back to me when you can see a bull for a bull instead of reading every little thing as fitting into the conspiracy web

@NewbieMAGA Plain sight is the exact opposite of subliminal. says who? YOU? Obviously you have no understanding of commercial advertisements and those suggestions.

Socialist Marxist conspiracy webs straight?? HA! YOU must be really ultracrepidarian and gaslighting on that one sweetheart. They push a very crooked & GAY agenda.

You seem to be having a conditioned, reflexive, reaction and apparently quite triggered by something Pavlovian.

Taking/making an analysis is for people who like to think deeply about works of artβ€”movies, music, literatureβ€”and draw comparisons to our own real world so that we may evolve to navigate through it with greater wisdom and understanding.

Nice conspiracy theory.
Have you made any progress in stopping their nefarious takeover by posting about it online? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@NewbieMAGA As I said before, you're entitled to your opinion. But thank you for the compliment of a nice conspiracy theory. Like all other working theories, it is a work in progress and becomes more apparent as more facts become known.

As for progress, your previous responses are evidence enough.

Seems to me, things are going from blue to red political pill nationally.

If you count being banned from platforms on line for holding a conservative attitude instead of bowing to the liberal demands for posting about the nefarious takeover, then YES I have made tremendous progress for the truth.

But that is personal progress based on personal metrics of your own making. And let's face it, getting banned is trivially easy and thus it should not be a point of pride for anyone.

My point is have you had any effect changing the system that you hold in contempt outside of you personally choosing to remove yourself from that system?

@NewbieMAGA Nope. Was not personal pride at all, just examples of facts. Such as the technical error of CBS and then their 'damage control' by alleged 'fact-checkers' to what is an obvious and apparent parody. Anyone in their right mind (no pun intended) would understand a technical glitch and error. Same for some of the other screenshots.

So why the obfuscation and distortion? Obviously the left has no comprehension of humor and can not laugh because it might offend some one, but have no qualms on offending the right. Can you name any liberals banned?

Your point of question is moot. Can you measure the rain that will come in the future?

You are also projecting narrative of the system that you hold in contempt because I pity it. Contempt is for contempt of court if I was judging it. Big difference between the socialist marxists that seek to destroy the system by abolition of any means necessary and the one who is just making observations of the hypocrisy of those means when in 'progressive' action.

??'personally choosing to remove yourself from that system?' ??? isn't that a contradiction to your suggestion projection of "Have you made any progress in stopping their nefarious takeover by posting about it online?" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ let alone your statement of "But that is personal progress based on personal metrics of your own making."

I think you are attempting to distort perception or deliberately trying to make me question reality via a subtle form of mental abuse & anguish; and you have crossed the line into & of narcissistic confabulation.

That's exactly what I'm trying to do.
You caught me.
Still doesn't mean it's not working!

@NewbieMAGA Well you did say "get back to me when you can see a bull for a bull" so sorry for the touchΓ©

if you think it's working then Dream On Moonpie dream on you're still entitled until your comrades come for you IF they get that far nefariously

You've got me dead to rights. I've definitely changed my position based on your online posting. I think if you keep posting here conspiracy is sure to end in a century or two

@NewbieMAGA Naw, the conspiracy will end in 8 months or so, and not the 75 years that Pfizer & the FDA wanted; at least for that tentacle of the chimera beast conspiracy

but thanks for the vote of confidence, regardless of how long it takes. Kind of reminds me of Boston Legal & Denny Crane in jail for shooting his therapist in self defense ~ and saying the right to conceal carry will be legal as soon as the Supreme Court overturns Roe vs Wade ~ SPOKEN 2005

That's what you said 8 months ago! LOL

@NewbieMAGA not me....I have temerity not audacity πŸ˜‰

So 8 months from now, let's call it a year, I should expect the capitalistic underpinnings of the USA to be completely undermined and, further, you will have played a major role in that.

Fascinating prediction. I wonder if like Bible thumpers and astrologers, if this doesn't come to pass, if you would just change the date again and again and again.

@NewbieMAGA who knows? if you ever read the Bible book of Jonah and the judgement proclaimed against Ninevah from once again you have unfounded deadlines...In astrophysics, an event horizon is a boundary beyond which events cannot affect an observer....

As for "I should expect the capitalistic underpinnings of the USA to be completely undermined" quite obvious you have not been paying <--THAT is a pun ~ not paying attention to the economics & forces going I guess you are comfortably institutionalized NOT to have noticed prices and disparages OR you are having a real dilemma with cognitive dissonance and liberal narrative & agendas tsk tsk tsk that's is really pitiful gaslighting for a pawn on the board

As for "and, further, you will have played a major role in that." Pure projection labeling and poorly attempting to shame me into capitulation. The jig is UP. I am just going to roast & toast you from here on out UNTIL your toes pop!!

You're crazy. You know how I know? You're going to tell me in your next post. 😁😁😁


It will be a mess until the Daniel 9:27 guy comes to offer peace. Clearly a false Messiah offering false peace. Then 1260 days later, all hell breaks loose.

I'm not so sure about us being the answer to darkness, though. That's Messiah's role. Just as Moses was rejected by his own people the first time around and had to leave for 40 years staying at Midean to let their problem percolate, so is Messiah allowing all our mess to come to a boil first (Hosea 5:15).

Thanks for the post. Very eye opening.


Ba'al worship. a couple of years ago there was a massive elite satanic Osiris worship pagent in Egypt. I was amazed we didn't see anything of this nature for the past few years. Charles is openly celebrating. We all ought to be concerned when it is no longer hidden.

The time is ripe for them to come out in the open. We are very close to Daniel's 70th week. Those who dismiss the clear warning signs will have no one to blame but themselves.

I'm terrified of baal.
He could be anywhere at any time.
He might be right behind you.

Look out!
He's in your house!
Baal is right there behind you run run drop everything and run run before baal catches you!!!!!



Now we've come full circle. The Israelites did the same thing at the foot of Mt. Sinai.

Being creatures of the fall, we'd probably have done the same thing or something similar were we in their shoes. But the wonder of it all is that God's election of Israel remains in place. God made a promise, and He does not take back His word.

Romans 11:28
"As concerning the gospel, they (the Jews) are enemies for your sakes: but as touching the[ir] election, they are beloved for the fathers' sakes."

As Hosea 5:15, 6:1-2, Zech 12:10b and other passages prophesy, they will be reconciled as a nation. Then the world will be at peace, and nations will break out in song.

@eschatologyguy My theory is that the reason God chose the descendants of Jacob as His people to propel His word into the world is that they were a perfect representation of humanity as a whole. Every vice and every virtue of the human condition is expressed in that one family. That we are grafted into the tree of Israel by the grace of God through Jesus Christ is proof that the Jewish people are the ultimate humans, for good or ill.

@FuzzyMarineVet Every single character in the bible had character flaws. Messiah is the perfect one.

@eschatologyguy That's what I love about hagiagraphy. It's not about the perfect person, but it's the grace that brings that person to perfection. "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God," but the grace of God makes all persons who receive Jesus as Lord will be forgiven and empowered to forego sin henseforth.

@FuzzyMarineVet I don't have a clue about what you mean by hagiography, but OK. Is that a Roman catholic term?

@eschatologyguy Hagiagraphy is Greek for "Holy Writing," used to refer to biographies of the people held up as examples of faith and piety, the Saints in Roman Catholic Latin.

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