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Joe Rogan Blasts Gettr's Grift

Just days after joining the grift operation Gettr, Joe Rogan slammed the platform this week calling it “fugazi” and was questioning live on his show about how to leave the platform. As I mentioned earlier this week former CNN contributor Jason Miller’s Chinese billionaire-funded Gettr is falsely claiming to be a “free speech” platform and an alternative to Big Tech, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Gettr not only depends on Amazon AWS for hosting along with Apple and Google App Stores for distribution, but the app is also tracking users for Facebook and Google according to a bombshell report from Talk Liberation Investigates.

As I have written in the past I have no problem with competition. Competition is great and encourages our team to work harder to provide the best product on the market. What I do have a problem with is grifters, hypocrites, and liars. I have a problem with foreign billionaires trying to astroturf Christians and conservatives into a Big Tech honeypot. I know many good and decent people will be signing up for Gettr at the behest of the talking heads they trust on Fox News and elsewhere. I think they deserve to know exactly what they are getting into.

Some Key Findings from the report include:

-Numerous trackers from Facebook, Google, and other third parties are embedded in GETTR web and smartphone apps.

-App permissions facilitate the surveillance of a wide variety of information about GETTR users, including fine-grained behavior and location data. This data is then used to profile users and shared with third parties.

-“Getome,” a previous version of the GETTR app that targeted Chinese-language audiences, is still published in Google Play and effectively provides a backdoor to GETTR. Users can log in and interact on the GETTR network via the Getome app, bypassing updates on the newer application.

-Content on GETTR such as news is loaded directly from external sources, opening connections between GETTR users to dozens of domains. This introduces serious privacy and security risks. Some of this content is delivered via unencrypted HTTP, further jeopardizing users.

-GETTR infrastructure is hosted by cloud vendors such as Amazon AWS and company email accounts are hosted by Google.

On top of this report, there has been extensive coverage about Gettr’s rampant censorship.

Gettr is already banning America First patriots for no reason.

Gettr is shadowbanning reporters who ask why.

Gettr is banning certain words they do not like.

Gettr is using Artificial Intelligence to ban “hate speech” just like Facebook and Twitter.

Gettr banned a black conservative for using a word they didn’t like in his account bio.

Another fake in the alternative technology space is Rumble.

Rumble positions themselves as the “free speech” Youtube alternative. Conservative talking heads from Fox News have been pushing it for the past year and earlier this summer President Trump joined the platform. On the day that President Trump joined the platform Rumble updated their terms of service to ban “hate speech.”

I was watching an interview with Tim Pool and the CEO of Rumble last night and it was really something. Tim pressed him on why their terms of service are exactly the same as Big Tech’s by banning things like “hate speech.” He correctly stated that Rumble is adopting the censorship language of the left.

The CEO of Rumble said that their terms of service are “legacy” from when they launched in 2013 (which is a lie because they added the hate speech rules on the day President Trump joined Rumble recently,) and mentioned three times that they have to ban “hate speech” in order to stay on the Apple and Google app stores.

So the reality is Rumble and Gettr are platforms that are de facto owned and operated by Apple and Google. If you have the same Silicon Valley rules in order to play in the Silicon Valley sandbox, you are necessarily part of the Silicon Valley swamp.

If you see someone promoting Gettr or Rumble as a “free speech alternatives to Big Tech” feel free to send them the information on this post, and then tell them about The home of free speech online with the battle scars to prove it.

These are problems Gab doesn’t have, because unlike Rumble, Parler, and Gettr: Gab has a backbone and principles.

Gab is a First Amendment company which means we tolerate “offensive” but legal speech. We believe that a moderation policy which adheres to the First Amendment, thereby permitting offensive content to rise to the surface, is a valuable and necessary utility to society.

It allows unorthodox but correct views, such as the Wuhan Lab Origin Theory that was banned on Twitter and YouTube but permitted on Gab, to propagate.

It allows hateful ideas, such as anti-White CRT, to be exposed and subject to scrutiny and challenge. It also allows Americans, and others around the world, to enjoy the full measure of their human right to speak freely online.

Gab is the ONLY platform that stood up to censorship and said NO to:

–Apple and Google

–Visa, Paypal, and dozens of processors

-Cloud hosting providers

-Email services


-The mainstream media

–The nation state of Germany

-The ADL and SPLC

-Fellow “conservatives”


We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. If you want to offer the world a free speech platform you’re going to pay the consequences. You need to be willing to take heat from Apple, Google, banks, and even foreign governments. Gab did, and will continue to do so.

Which is why Gab is the number one free speech alternative to Big Tech. Period.

Andrew Torba

Krunoslav 9 Jan 14
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I've tried Rumble and Parler, and like so many others they insist that you must use a "smart" phone in order to login.
Nope. I'm using it via the PC on my desk. If you then turn about and tell my I have to use another device, bugger off. I'm not jumping thru any such hoops to please some IT TWOT you mistakenly hired.

Gab, OTOHand, does not do this.


Active users, in millions

Facebook     2850
Youtube         ?
Instagram       ?
Twitter       330
Discord       150
Rumble         32
Parler          2.3
Gettr            .4
Minds            .3
Gab              .1
Slug             .01
locals          ?
MeWe            ?
Truth Social    0

On Slug, private messaging is down and we need it back.

The Discord channel "Facts Firsts Conservatives" is great, and it has an audiochat feature.

When Trump Social comes out, we should get on it.

Anyone that wants to chat with me can find me at "uglybadger" at Skype.


I received the same email from Gab. I’m not sure how much to believe. The bit about not being concerned with and even welcoming, competition strikes me as more than a little, disingenuous. Gab is definitely not happy with an upstart free speech branded platform attracting millions of new subscribers. In any case, GETTR is one of the few places where I can follow unpersons, like Tommy Robinson. So, I will shut off all app permissions and take my chances. Besides, can anyone name a platform that isn’t spying on its members?

Well, my impression is that Gab founder and by extension platform is truly against the system, while GETTR, Parlor etc. are trying to take advantage of political refugees. You can read terms of service and privacy notice of both Parlor and GETTR and they sound virtually the same as Twitter or other platforms. GETTR is on Amazon servers if I'm not mistaken, founded by some shady people, and it has being doing everything it can to primerally do the following.... profit from the democrat vs republican debate and by extension the rest of the Anglo sphere with similar dynamic. if they act like Twitter they will lose the people to Gab or other platforms that they cannot control, and if they allow everyone to do anything, they will not be able to control the conversation. So they took the middle ground, for now. They want to be platform where most of the people have conversation about upcoming elections and where they can monitor and moderate it. They know if they push too hard people will leave, so they are doing it but not overtly as Twitter.

As we have seen Parlor was shut down in panic mode, but it was the same as GETTR. It wanted to replicate twitter success for specifically political debate. When Trump was about to go there, the big tech was afraid so they killed it. They probably learned from that, by seeing how many people left, so they made GETTR and attempt of resurrecting Parlor. Parlor lost reputation so GETTER as another Twitter clone is their best bet. There are quite a few things that are now allowed on GETTER and its not based on any principles or values, its targeted. That tells you all you need to know. As far as I know Gab is not like that.

Tommy Robinson and many others went to GETTR to reach people, but they also learned the lessons of 2020 and now are on many platforms. Tommy is also on Telegram and probably other platforms. Problem is when someone like Trump who is high profile public figure only uses one platform and its the wrong one. They digitally guillotined him. Gab as far as I can tell is the only platform that is overtly stating moral principles and is against communists and technocrats. Every other platform is trying to be either tool of the technocracy or make a profit from those who are canceled.

My biggest thing about Gab is that it has moral principles above other aspects of money making or politics. That is critical. In a world we are living and where we are going, you can't be neutral and you cannot be just a platform , it is not enough. You must be against or for something. And Gab is the only platform that I know of that is overtly so and it is not on the left. I mean all the big tech and twitter in particular is overtly radical left ideologues. To the point of influencing elections and culture. Neutral platforms are not enough. We need the other side to balance it out and Gab is closest to it as far as I can tell.

The uglier the culture wars get the more it will be obvious to everyone that having a platform for speech is not enough. You need someone who is actively promoting moral values of old and is against the tyrannical regimes. The other side already has that for a long time and its a monopoly. And as I'm sure you have noticed concept of peaceful debate and conversation is a non starter in this war. You can't shake hands with clinch fist. That is why Gab will survive and GETTR and Parlor probably won't. They only live as avatars of Twitter. To have a fighting chance in this war people need communities where trust is built in summer and winter months. GETTR and Parlor as we have seen are run by spinless beurocrocarts at best and agents of tyrants at worse. Is that where people should build their platforms? No. 2020 should have been a wake up call for everyone.

Slug, is another example. Its a small not well maintained site that is free of censorship, but its small reach so its not a threat and its hard to reach people, but I don't think unless its maintained and invested in by someone dedicated that it will survive. So far admin seems to be disinterested.

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