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Top 20 politicians that took money from big pharma

1 joe biden

2 trump

3 bernie sanders

Beachslim 7 Sep 24
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I would be more interested in who takes money indirectly from the CCP.

Since corporations give money to both sides and that has always been the case at least Trump gave us cheaper diabetic drugs and the option to use experimental drugs. In life everything is a trade off. If your only idea for fixing something is to break it you are not a competent leader in a republic. For example Obama said he intended to break healthcare to get universal health insurance making him an ideological fool and incompetent.

The ideological purity tests are getting in the way of reforming just about everything. You can't make personal morality the standard for public morality. While public morality to an extent is a necessary precondition for public morality they are different animals. For example if you are a pacifist that may work at a personal level but Nations need defending.

wolfhnd Level 8 Sep 24, 2021

Wouldn't the list of politicians Not on the take be a shorter list?

To be fair, I wouldn't take this as a prima facie case of bribery. Unless these politicians knew in advance the plans of these big pharmaceutical firms. Companies are legally allowed to make political donations.


10 senators one in the house


Open secrets. Org

13 Democrats and 7 Republicans


Their source?

@CookieMonster don't know but I was interested because they are passing illegal laws which violate god given rights to bodily autonomy and freedom. So I knew there was a kickback somewhere.

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