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Tucker: This Biden Policy Means Many More Young Americans Will Die

Andyman 8 Sep 17
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Such corruption

Header Level 8 Sep 17, 2021

Why doesn’t this concept work with booze?

Rick-A Level 8 Sep 17, 2021

Legalized, quality controlled, available OTC "recreational pharmaceuticals" will end the overdose death epidemic.

That's the idea the Left's "Intellectuals" are selling and it's going to cause an even bigger mess and an even faster societal decline, that's why they're promoting legalisation as the "solution." They've tried this in Holland, and their addict population ballooned in number. This stuff is addicting, and robs you of your sense of accountability, responsibility and your productive years. That's not even counting the rise in crime. Sans invasions, Singapore would be among the last nations standing. Klaus would likely have legalised drugs in their new world order.

The Libertarian approach is more effective than the Authoritarian approach.

@eschatologyguy []

@pbuck0145 There aren't just two ways of looking at this. Try to see the philosophy of governance as a spectrum, with the two sides you mention being the two opposite extremes, with their own harmful excesses. Authoritarian would be North Korea (an easy pick) and libertarian would be NY, CA and maybe also the Canada of today. None of them, at this point in time, would be good examples of a near-perfect society.

I’m not sure what the right approach in this situation would be. I used to be in favor of legalization of everything but I’ve also known too many drug addicts who I don’t believe would be responsible enough to manage their doses. I also agree with an earlier commenter that this nation has already been dumbed down enough.

@Andyman Bingo! It's not just going to ruin their lives, but affect those around them in severely negative ways.


Now that's a prediction one can believe in. The coocoos running the show, what could possibly go wrong?

The actual people running the show keep themselves hidden and keep the morons out front and center. This isn’t bad policy by stupid people, this is the intentional destruction of the United States by evil people who know exactly what they are doing.

@Andyman but even the coocoos' puppet masters are still morons thinking their reset can make them richer or have more power. They're like butchering the goose that lays golden eggs. All their businesses will contract in their planned reset. They're no wiser than Stalin starving out the Kulaks. And, Life will have the last laugh: they can't take it with them.

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