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Bob Woodward: Woke US General Conspired With Beijing

How would you feel about a US Four Star General who promised the Chinese he would warn them in advance of an American attack?

That’s exactly what woke Joint Chiefs Chair Mark Milley did in secret phone calls to the Chinese while serving under Donald Trump. The revelations are contained in Bob Woodward’s third book on the Trump administration, Peril, set for release next week.

Of course, General Milley isn’t the bad guy in the new Woodward book, Trump is; but the leftist narrative falters badly when the ugly truths about the President’s opponents are unexpectedly revealed.

The leftist British daily, The Guardian, says General Milley was “certain that Trump had gone into a serious mental decline in the aftermath of the election…screaming at officials and constructing his own alternate reality…”

The truth is, Milley is a wokist, who’s brought critical race theory to West Point and works night and day to institutionalize progressive ideas into the US military, rather than focus on his primary mission of defending the homeland. He detests Trumpism and every American who embraces it.

Who can trust a General who knowingly undermines his own commander-in-chief by working with the enemy? According to The Guardian, reviewing the Woodward book, the General made “a pair of secret phone calls” to reassure his Chinese counterpart, Gen Li Zuocheng, that Washington was not planning to strike Beijing. If that wasn’t treasonous enough, Milley went on to tell the Chinese he would warn them in advance if an attack was launched.

This isn’t some low level contractor. This is the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff secretly advising the Chinese dictatorship that he’s prepared to go behind the back of his own democratically elected government and the American people, to alert the enemy of impending military action.

Incredibly, in another phone call, General Milley told the communist dictatorship that “democracy can be sloppy sometimes.”

The Woodward book also details secret conversations between Milley and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who enjoyed gossiping about their unsubstantiated speculation that the President was insane. Pelosi’s manipulative powers are on full display as she slyly tells the woke General: “What I’m saying to you is that if they couldn’t even stop him (Trump) from an assault on the Capitol, who even knows what else he may do?” Pelosi was suggesting that Trump — ironically the only modern President to avoid foreign wars — might launch nukes. “You know he’s crazy,” said Pelosi, without a shred of medical or other verifiable evidence, “He’s been crazy for a long time.”

While leftists derided “right wing conspiracies”, here was an actual conspiracy unfolding in real time in the nation’s Capitol; the chairman of the Joint Chiefs working with a foreign enemy and Donald Trump’s political opponents to undermine the US government.

Woodward’s book may be intended as another smear against Donald Trump, but in places, it confirms every suspicion Trump had.

GeeMac 8 Sep 14
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Milley has to go and while you are at it get rid of Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Omar, Soros, Fauci, and any number of Left leaning Woke Democrats and Republicans you can find.

Oh yeah, get rid of anyone who disagrees with you. That is surely the democratic way. Not authoritarian at all...

Stay out of American politics, Aussie.

@JacksonNought nope your dopey Democrats and useful idiots like you affect my way of life.


Hmmm, I seem to remember there used to be a crime in the dim, dark past. Something called treason, I believe. I also seem to recollect that there was a rather serious punishment for that particular crime. This punishment, if I remember correctly, employed a rope, a gallows and a short sharp drop.

I prefer life at hard-labor with no entertainment and bland, boring food and only water to drink.

@Obbop Might make his fat a** slimmer.


Howdy @GeeMac,

DNI Grenell says the accusations about Milley promising to tip off the Chinese are, "gossip and innuendo."

Woodward has a long history of troubles with truth. Most of them involve scandalous quotes from high officials who he never interviewed or had the schedule to interact with.

Yes, Trump was careful in his response to the new Woodward book today, using the phrase “if true.”

Yet, I wouldn’t be so quick to defend Milley. Here’s Woodward getting rich off portraying Trump as an insane megalomaniac based on comments attributed to the Joint Chief of Staff. To jump in immediately and dismiss the comments as innuendo is to bolster the leftist narrative. It’s the left using the comments to smear Trump, while simultaneously dismissing them to protect Milley. It’s a win/win tactic for woke-progressives.

I’d love to see the treasonous comments hang in the air, until the stink forces Milley to defend himself and go after Woodward. I won’t hold my breath. Leftists will rise to the woke General’s defence on the one hand, while embracing Woodward’s money-making smear of Trump on the other.

Good perspective. Although he didn’t deny this is the truth and I personally see General Mi Li as a Traitor, it’s always a good idea to point out the facts as we know them along with the evidence (with references for that evidence) that led us to our conclusion, before we make public accusations based upon rumors and claims made on the internet by questionable sources. Thanks!

While you raise excellent points, I find it rather interesting that the MSM pundits' response is that Milley did the right thing. They aren't even questioning whether it's true or not because they agree with it, I suppose under the theory that we aren't going to be critical of something possible treasonous if we agree with it.

So what you have here are influencers that are telling us, what does it matter if what he did was beyond his authority? Orange Man Bad. That's the only justification needed.

And THAT is every bit as concerning as what Milley allegedly did. Why? Because they're telling us that they think the Constitution is toilet paper. That we are not a nation of laws, but a nation of whatever we think is right in the moment. A nation where your Constitutionally-granted civil liberties don't amount to a hill of beans if the people in charge decide you don't need them.

Granted, they are confirming what most of us already know, but to do so blatantly and without fear of consequence speaks VOLUMES about where we are really at.

@Daveclark5 just for the record, Milley today admitted to making the calls. I always try to avoid making “accusations based on rumours”, and stand by every word I post. This wasn’t some crazy internet gossip anyway, it was a from a mass market hardcover release being reviewed in a major world daily.

I find it remarkable that people don’t raise a question about this site’s anti-Semitic screeds or pandemic conspiracy theories, but immediately ask for evidence and question sources around real world stories like this one.

@Alysandir great point that the mainstream media didn’t question the report at all. It was anti-Trump so they ran with it. The chair of the Joint Chiefs saves the nation by going behind the back of his commander-in-chief to council the enemy.

I’m shocked that while woke progressives were busy condemning Trump and praising Milley, many conservatives were questioning whether the secret calls really happened. No wonder we’re losing the culture war.


Strrip the traitor of all military rank and kick him out of the military. No military pension!!! Let the mouthy bastard scrape by on Social Security alone.

Sadly, the corrupt USA systems will ensure the traitor is rewarded via a very lucrative book deal where the publisher knows the amount paid to the traitor will never be recouped by book sales. The speaking circuit will reward the filth with many millions of dollars. Corporations will hire him as an "adviser" who does little to nothing while receiving huge paychecks and will receive the finest benefits imaginable such as th finest, free health insurance.

The USA economic, political and social systems rewards traitors ensuring they lead luxurious lives.

Obbop Level 7 Sep 14, 2021

Milley needs to be tried for treason.

sqeptiq Level 9 Sep 14, 2021
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