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Is Joe Biden actually the Manchurian candidate?

The goal of installing a Manchurian candidate is to infiltrate the highest levels of the government (in America) in order to shift the power from a democratic republic nation ( of, by and for “The People” ) to an enemy state.

Has this already happened in the USA?

Is Joe Biden the Manchurian Candidate

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Daveclark5 7 Sep 13
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I do believe that there are significant questions that have never been addressed about the the election results. But since I also believe they never will be addressed by anyone in the political establishment, because to answer them would uncover the complicity of the so-called Republicans in getting their own candidate scuttled.

So without anything else to go on, I chose the "legitimately elected" option where he's a massive disappointment to the people who voted for him. Because at this point, the people who wanted a "return to normalcy" sure as shit aren't getting that. The people who wanted "the adults to be put back in charge" don't seem to be getting that either.

What it seems like to me is that Joe is merely a mouthpiece for political desires that both A) don't care about the consequences to Joe - as I said elsewhere, he is a political dead man walking - and B) aren't worried about consequences to themselves, because Joe is there to take the heat as someone who doesn't care about the political consequences of what he's doing.

What we are seeing is the full force of the political establishment oligarchs making their will manifest and they don't give two shits what you think about it. I strongly suspect we are with two elections of a uniparty at which point what you and I have to say no longer even slightly matters. And I say "even slightly matters" because at this point, voting Republican buys you literally nothing except a brief delay. They do nothing. They rollback nothing. The Republicans just go, "no, stop," then cave a couple months later. You know it; I know it. But you continue to vote for them because they represent your only hope, even though you know in your heart of hearts that they hated Trump too.

In the meantime, we have an administration that blatantly admits that what it's doing probably isn't Constitutional, but hey, this is what we'll do anyway because it'll be years before the courts will stop us. The political appointee at the CDC determines who can be evicted and the political appointee at OSHA determines who gets to have job. Go ahead and sue them. The SCOTUS already struck one down and they came back the next day with the same edict, just worded slightly differently. Ha ha.

The U.S is lost. Either get out or hunker down for a long dark time.


Most American oligarchs are Manchurian, and they installed a Manchurian president.

China has surely been planning this for a long time.


His administration is a Reform synagogue.

sqeptiq Level 9 Sep 13, 2021

No - not in the sense that "The Manchurian Candidate" was installed by a foreign enemy. Biden is a proverbial Manchurian Candidate. A puppet he is. But he was installed by domestic enemies of USA.
No doubt the CCCP and the Russians are gleefully watching as USA descends into oblivion - but they don't have a hand it it. This is coming from within.

iThink Level 8 Sep 13, 2021

Domestic enemies or American communists? They refer to us as domestic terrorists. We are way too civil when dealing with this group.

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