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LINK White woman throws egg at black man | Bartleby TDV

Dat’s called a Racism Waiver; doled out freely in Newsom’s Land of Social Convenience.

BartlebyTDV 6 Sep 9
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The actual real news of this person s name is elder, and he is trying to beat newsom out of the governor recall in california, and he was walking through a homeless camp in california saying how he was going to clear all the camps if he becomes governor, and a homeless woman through a egg at him and the rest of the homeless was yelling at him to leave them alone.
See how the news is somewhat different when color is not involved?
If your not going to help them LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Derf Level 6 Sep 9, 2021

Interesting. Thanks for that insightful comment. (How could she miss it at such close range, though? Lol)


The complicity of the media in destroying the social fabric speaks to a sickness in our intellectual class.


BUT What color was the egg. We gotta know! Color is important you know. If COLOR isn't an issue, then why does the media keep dangling the misinformation before our eyes.

Colour sells.


Lock that racist Karen up!


The woman physically attacks a man and a skinhead looking buffoon joins the threat. Why is it that we see this kind of illegal behavior from the left, but we never see it followed by either the body guards physically restraining (citizen’s arrest) or by the outcome of a legal suit (the woman placed into a mental facility or jail and the man convicted of assault (which legally includes verbal or physical threats of violence)?).

Constantly seeing the left get away with this type of behavior only emboldens others to escalate the violence levels.

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