The antonym of gynocentrism is androcentrism NOT patriarchy as Feminism would rather you think, but you don’t hear the word ‘androcentrism’ anywhere - do you?

How can we expect men to receive anything near “Fair & Balanced” treatment from a Gynocentric System’s Family Courts – it’s just a ludicrous notion from conception. Family Courts are special courts established specifically to litigate gender relations exclusively.

Adolf Hitler & the NAZI Government established their Peoples Courts, along much the same lines, to litigate matters concerning their Undesirables.

Not a lot of difference between Fathers under a Gynocentric Government & Undesirables under a National Socialist (Nazi) Government – is there?

Something is amiss anytime specialty courts are established to address a specific element of the populous.

NAH, NO BIAS HERE: There wouldn’t be any bias involved when such Family Courts are supplemented by the United States Social Security Administration fund you pay straight out of your paychecks? You know, that money that was supposed to be for your retirement & general well-being? How supplementing STATE Family Courts proportionate to the amount of money that court can extract from Fathers I’m sure I don’t know. You figure it out in your own infinite judicial wisdom?

Mind you, an ‘androcentric’ society would be just as bad as the ‘gynocentric’ society we now have in western culture – my opinion, hopefully yours as well?

I keep hearing “down with the patriarchy” for some strange reason? What the west is up-in-arms about in Islam is ‘androcentrism’ being cast as patriarchy – the same patriarchy that’s brought us such female oppression's as ‘chivalry’ and “believe the woman.”

If these Marxists are going to divide all of us, it’d be nice if they’d at least do it under the correct pretenses. If we manage to establish a ‘matriarchy’ to replace this boogeyman ‘patriarchy’ do we men get live in an ‘androcentric’ society like women have lived in this ‘gynocentric’ one? You know, an ‘androcentric’ society like Afghanistan?

Gentlemen, consider #MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) individualist philosophy for your life. But, regardless of your decision, there’s one small thing you can help your situation BY NOT DOING – that’s by NOT saying “I Do” to anything or anyone & not becoming legally entangled any more than life forces upon you.

Posted by: Taylor The Fiend ~ Sep 6, 2021
“[Response] "Men Need To Man Up" TikTok Girls Are Single, But It's Never Their Fault”

1914wizard 8 Sep 7
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