CORRECTION: In the 6th paragraph of Part 1 of this rant I mistakenly said: “(deceitful people slyly call wealth transfer)” when I meant to say that (deceitful people slyly call wealth REDISTRIBUTION). It’s not that “transfer” isn’t more truthful; it’s because “wealth redistribution” is the Socialist term for social theft I first recall being allowed to go unchallenged during the Obama administration. And the reason for this correction is that Wealth Redistribution is STRAIGHT UP SOCIALISM! Something I’m afraid that I might accidentally aid in some mistaken way – that’s all. These Socialists have been worming their way into the American psyche for a considerable amount of time now..

The only mission the United States had in Afghanistan was to rout & destroy al-qarda (the attackers of America on 9/11/2001 - NOT TO BE NATION BUILDER IN OUR OWN IMAGE! An unappreciated army for Feminism, to put it bluntly!

President Donald Trump negotiated an exit for the United States from Afghanistan where these Feminist Socialists were trying to impose feminist values on their people. I just don’t think that young American soldiers realized they were risking their lives to force Marxist feminist theory & ideology on the Afghan peoples? Other than the waste of American treasure there’s no comparison between Afghanistan & Vietnam. And they have the nerve to say that the male sex isn’t the expendable sex? It is an American failing to conquer then feel like there a debt imposed to clean up the mess left afterwards – BIG, HUGE, EVEN SUPER HUGE MISTAKE! Get real people, it’s the hosts responsibility to clean-up after the party is over – NOT THE GUESTS!

The first big mistake President Trump made was to think he could world with these Socialist Woke Administrators no matter where they hide in the United States government. These creatures are leaching off of the American tax payer all-the-while ready to send America’s real treasury in harms way in service of their Feminist Ideology.

Gentlemen, consider #MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) individualist philosophy of life standing exclusively for your own best interest(s) – BECAUSE NOBODY ELSE IS DOING IT FOR YOU!

PS. We can only hope that the millions ear-marked for Afghanistan gender studies programs in all this Biden spending is now null & void? ($9 million if I remember correctly)

Posted by: Fox News ~ Sep 3, 2021
“Tucker: The rules are different now”

1914wizard 8 Sep 4
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