There are people that life harms; then thee are people that harm themselves. Regardless which it is, neither I nor you are qualified or authorized to judge them – such as throwing them off roof-tops & the like. In fact, we’re charged with not harming them no matter how deplorable we see their conduct.

Why then is it important to harm others because of some proclivity they may have? The answer to that is pretty straight forward. I’m sure you’ve heard the admonishment to: Judge not lest you be judged? How then can you rightfully condemn CENSORSHIP of your thoughts, expressions and associated proclivities if you have first adjudged yourself righteous fully qualified to judge the thoughts, expressions and associated proclivities of others.

People today seem to think in terms of politics so I’ll try saying this in that language. The Left condemns the Right for their puritanical self-righteous condemnation of their chosen life-styles. And the Right condemns the Left for their debaucherous life-styles. WHEN NEITHER IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER!

Is there really any difference between HATE SPEECH & CENSORSHIP? This is yet another reason humanity NEEDS a supreme GOD that serves as an ultimate judge of all things both visible and hidden. It’s not without REASON(S) that earliest on humanity sought out a spiritual supreme being – GOD serves so many purposes for human existence it’s mind-boggling that academics should even consider GOD being dead?

What I’m trying to say is, there’s an appointed TIME, PLACE & JUDGE – now is not any of them!

Lot no more condemned Sodom by walking away than #MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) condemns women by doing the same – there’s no misogyny here in the least. Why then do feminists disrespect #MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) like Sodomites disrespected Lot?

{Genesis 19:1-30}

Posted by: TheBritisher ~ Aug 29, 2021
“The Week that was #222 - 29 August 2021”

1914wizard 8 Aug 30
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