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Tale of Two Olympians

Arguably the world’s best female gymnast, Simone Biles crashed at the Tokyo Olympics today, quitting in the middle of the US Team gymnastics final.

The shocking exit can be traced directly to the woke media’s obsessive focus on the 24-year-old, almost daily, in the months running up to these games. Biles was the ideal poster child for leftist spin doctors: young, female, black, and a sexual abuse survivor. She was perfect grist for a woke narrative. But they built her up to such massive proportions, the pressure simply crushed her this week.

Compare that to the other big story out of Tokyo today. The stunning gold medal performance of Alaskan swimmer Lydia Jacoby. Although her hometown of Stewart turned out en masse, the gangly redhead was largely ignored by national reporters before today. As a result she entered the pool with no expectations, and won Alaska’s first ever swimming gold. The state has just one Olympic-sized pool.

Biles, with 5 Olympic medals and 19 world championships, should have made a clean sweep at these games. She can still compete in five events,and could mount a comeback. Let’s hope the woke media stops trying to turn the 24-year-old into an Olympic goddess.

GeeMac 8 July 28
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I turn off the moment " birthing parents" or genderless are mentioned.

angelo Level 8 July 28, 2021

I noticed local news here dropped the term “pregnant women”, and now says “pregnant people”.

@GeeMac NOW its easier for us to know which networks gaslight.


As soon as I see wokeness, I don't follow the news about it anymore.

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