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Next stop—cognitive dissonance

We are about to see two versions of cognitive dissonance afflict the left. The audits are taking place, and despite the strenuous effort to halt or discredit them, they will proceed. Once Arizona’s results are officially released, Georgia’s fraud exposed and Pennsylvania moves forward with their forensic audit, other states will suddenly decide to take a second look at results that never made sense.

One group, the low-information voters who take CNN and MSNBC at face value while drinking their Kool-Aid, will find themselves confronted by events that bear no resemblance to the world they thought they knew. They literally won’t have a clue how to proceed. Too bad snowflakes, I really don’t care any more about your tender feelings than any of you care about me. Rot in Hell.

The other group knows damn well the election was stolen, and they’ve been just fine with that. The problem is, they’ve been absolutely convinced they got away with it. With the FBI refusing to investigate, the courts rolling over and playing dead, and the media and Jen Psaki gaslighting as hard as they can, accusing Trump supporters of everything the left has done, they figured all legitimate questions would be silenced with terms like “baseless claims,” and “conspiracy theorist.” They were convinced they’d driven a stake through the heart of the beast and sealed it in its coffin.

Oops, not quite. Someone pulled out the stake and now their worst nightmares are rising again from what they’d been convinced were the ashes of defeat.

I’m not naive. I don’t necessarily think this will reverse the election, although the whole point of the big steal was to propel us beyond any sense of normalcy or the expected. So who knows? Anything’s possible. But more likely, this will discredit the Democratic Party for all time and anoint the ex-vice president as our first totally fraudulent president. The result will be the collapse of any established procedures as far as the government is concerned.

One thing we can be sure of: The Democrats will not relinquish power voluntarily, no matter how dishonorably they came by it. A quick list of their efforts while they’ve been reasonably comfortable with their position—dissolving the border, branding political opposition as domestic terrorism, firearm confiscation, criminalizing the previous administration—gives a clue about how unhinged they will be If they find themselves walking on quicksand. Because never forget, the real puppet masters pulling the administration’s strings are the CCP. And those boys expect to be paid for their investment.

Gonna get bloody.

Edgework 8 July 23
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I have a question about all of this. If audits prove, without a doubt, that Biden is illegally occupying the Whitehouse, will he and his Administration be evicted? How can they possibly remain in power for the next 3 or possibly 2 years assuming these additional audits will take the same amount of time to complete?


If it is proven that there was widespread fraud... and the election was "stolen"... just what and when will anything be done about it?

There is no recourse or provision in the Constitution for changing the presidential election … except to change or enact laws to make sure the cheating doesn’t happen again next time. (There may be some question about changing the results in some state elections if fraud is proven and the wrong person won, but I’d be very surprised to see that happen even if a “winner” were shown not to have won.)

They only problem with that, to which I alluded in my post, is that we really are already in uncharted territory, well beyond the bounds of the constitution. Any presence of “rule by law” died, not when Democrats trucked in hundreds of thousands of fake ballots in the dead of night—that’s always been their M.O.—but when the FBI did nothing, the Attorney general did nothing, the courts did nothing, and the media constructed a Matrix reality that is still in place. It’s not just the Democrats who are the Walking dead. The old order is coming apart, and predictions based on what we used to “know” are null and void.

@Edgework I don’t disagree that we are in some uncharted waters, but I don’t see the FBI, attorney general, the courts or the media changing course and doing anything other than nothing. Massive revolt maybe if undeniable proof is collected. But the 50 state elections for president that have been certified and implemented will be nearly impossible to overturn.

I acknowledge that I am an unabashed pessimist here. I agree with the left: the system has been so totally corrupted, there is no hope for it to repair itself. Of course, I come to this conclusion from the exact opposite direction as the left.

What we have is a small cadre of Marxists in charge of the cities, and Washington, as well as the media. On the other hand, we have 81 million voters who know their votes were flushed down the Democratic toilet, whose voice, priorities, whose very presence is being systematically erased from the public sphere.

They’re not going away simply because CNN wishes they would. They’re getting the message that we’re no longer playing politics. We’re playing survival. I foresee a time, maybe not too far distant, when members of law enforcement and the military will have to confront their true beliefs and decide if they are prepared to open fire on their fellow citizens. Either way, it’s the apocalypse.


People believe what they want to believe.

The DNC is a wounded beast. It will take anyone it can down that it sees as a threat. I don't expect it to die but it will have some ugly scars.

Something to keep in mind even Soviet Russia's leadership couldn't hide their failures and crimes. Eventually only the core believers will be left. The rest of the population will want change.

wolfhnd Level 8 July 23, 2021

Biden administration doesnt let cubans running from communism in

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