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I have a confession to, I got the jab. The J&J, to be specific, so at least that's done and over with.

Why did I do it? Well, two reasons:

  1. My doctor had previously advised me to wait until a version came out that had completely passed clinical trials instead of being, for "emergency use authorization." But as of my last visit, he changed his mind. Okay, fair enough; I guess he'd seen enough to be comfortable with it, given my patient history (which is more than vanilla).
  2. My employer was essentially punishing me for not having been vaccinated, and I got sick of their petty bullshit.

I'm not going to sit here and say, "Oh it was easy, nothing bad happened," or any other sugar-laden platitudes. I still believe making an emergency use authorization vaccination mandatory - as in the case of many universities - or putting undue pressure on people to have it, is antithetical to traditional American values. But as most of us recognize, this isn't your father's America anymore. Our leaders don't give a damn about your civil liberties, much less doing anything to safeguard them. We now live in a "shut up and do what you're told" America, where parents are publicly vilified for daring to oppose what the teachers unions and trans activists want for their children and at least one academic wants to sharply curb parents' rights to veto their children's decisions. Hell, I saw one legitimate article yesterday from Australia that said parents need to ask their child's consent to change their diaper. Oy vey.

So for my personal handler who watches me on all my social media (1), please note in my folder that I told the political establishment to go eat shit and die. I love my country; I don't love what you bastards are doing to it.

(1) Paranoia much? You might be tempted to think that. But every single site that I make comments on, I have a follower. I have a follower here. I have a follower on YT, in spite of not even having a channel. I have a follower on DailyWire, of all places. Frankly, what I have to say isn't remotely interesting enough for people to follow me for entertainment purposes, so what else can it be?

Alysandir 7 July 21
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I had the two Pfizer shots. The first one made my left arm almost unusable for four days. The second shot gave me a mild general palsy. I have no doubt these vaccines are potentially dangerous. Of course I can't prove it and it looks like most people will be alright after a mild side effects. That said Pfizer is working on a six month buster. I'm thinking I will skip it under the principle of everything in moderation.

What pisses me off is the idiots that want to control us didn't spend the last year on traditional weakened virus vaccines. The mRNA technology has great promise for rapid deployment but is not a long term solution. I really get the feeling our masters are not very bright in addition to being corrupt. Of course they may just not care about being competent.

My response is anyone with a science background should know you can't just address the spike proteins. How did we get this stupid?

wolfhnd Level 8 July 21, 2021

Gee, thanks.

I don't have the sorts of education to really sort all of the claims, but the single protein technique has been suspicious for me all along.


here in Canada there is no normal vaccine option only mRNA genetic modifiers. So I will be suffering from no vacations for a while, despite (I strongly suspect) I had the virus already and therefore am immune, though that carries no weight anywhere. In addition there is growing evidence here that under the age of 65 more have died as a result of the draconian lockdown than the virus itself, therefore the vaccine is of little value to me.

To your other point about the follower, I have not noticed a follower as such, just suspicious computer activities that culminated in a strange FB occurance yesterday (that I understand has also happened to others lately) maybe someone here can tell me if its suspicious or incidental:

Later yesterday afternoon I got a FB message that said my post violates community standards and no one else will be able to see it, the issue is that I made no post, so I went through the various FB dialog boxes that ultimately said if things on your account have changed then we will secure your account and change your password. The result of the exercise was that I was locked out of the account and can no longer access, thereby I am deplatformed as the saying goes. I had noticed for some time that my posts would disappear and reappear sporadically and I had more than a few covered post with FB fact checker crap. SO did the cut me off or did I get hacked??

My gut would say you were cut off. That's not to say that you can't have been hacked, but why would someone bother hacking your account? To what benefit or end for them?


@Alysandir you can count me out 'cause I don't follow anybody here but I read a lot of your stuff you say here because I do find your point of view interesting. And I think you're probably right; a bunch of deep state asshats paid to keep tabs on everybody. If we could only figure out just the right things to say to make them break out in hives!

Oh, I wasn't accusing anyone in particular. On Slug, I have quite a few followers, for some strange reason. This was more of a, "isn't it interesting that I have at least one follower everywhere I've made comments," kind of disclosure. If it helps even one person be more aware, then it was worth it.


I have been accused of being an anti-vaxxer, and it is not the case. Pro-Choice, if you feel you need it, then get it and go on with life, just don't become a pawn for their crusade. Appeasement to employer is a different matter, but that is your business personal choice. I am really glad you are able to work with your doctor on choice and safety, I am not sure of how many have that option, as where I live, lot of people still recovering from Obamacare impositions.

I wish you the best, safety no adversements; and personally glad to hear it was J&J not Pzzir.

The permission to change the diaper had me rolling with laughter. If you don't change it then you are in neglect of care/health of the child. Another damned if you and damned if you don't. Totalitarian control modestly.

Follower on YT & Daily Wire ??? I asked some programmers/developers (just now) that are real geeky computer nerds and they said the YT is unusual and down right weird to have subscribers without content ~ followers. In my old days I would say sic Spybot on them lol

Take care get well, I'll do a refuah shlema for you πŸ˜‰

Here's the link to the article if you want to read it:



If I have a web stalker I'm to dumb to notice or they're damned quiet about it. But thne again I have usually only been a poster at one place at a time. I haven't commented on a comment section since msnbc shut down a huge forum network it used to host long ago.

govols Level 8 July 21, 2021

I wouldn't have noticed it myself were it not for YT. That got me thinking about why would I have a follower when I have no channel and post no videos? Then I started noticing it everywhere else.


All around me in East Tennessee, out here away from the big city and with a very small employer, it seems like most everyone who isn't a militant peo-vaxer is practicing"don't ask, don't tell."

I don't ever raise the subject in the real world. I only comment when asked directly.

govols Level 8 July 21, 2021

I am stuck in a deep blue state via golden handcuffs. For a very long time, it didn't bother me above certain specific issues (most notably 2A), but now that the country is polarizing and quite possibly Balkanizing in the near future, I'm having some real concerns about my way forward.

I think the biggest obstacle to relocating is housing. I own my home, and could get a fairly decent price for it, but wherever I go, I'm looking at a mortgage again because properties prices are insane everywhere. I have thought seriously about RVing it in my trek to retirement, but I'm not sure I want that lifestyle 24/7.


Everyone needs to do what they feel is best for them, If I was working and getting in trouble with the boss or I had a family that wanted to go to some exotic destination for their holidays I might be tempted to cave myself. I'm single, retired and just plain stubborn so short of holding me down and physically forcing me to take the Covid Vaccination there's precious little the authorities can do to make me. I'm not refusing the vaccination because I think it's dangerous, for me it's just a matter of principle. I never take part in the annual flu vaccination roll out so why should Covid be any different ? At this point flu is probably more dangerous than Covid for some-one in my physical condition, it certainly is for younger people.

ellism Level 5 July 21, 2021

Believe me when I say that, were retiring even a viable option, I would've turned in my paperwork. Just not close enough, I'm afraid.


I hope everything goes well, I hate the pressure being put on people to get it.

Thank you for your kinds words.


At least J&J isn’t the MRNA swill the other three are poisoning people with...

I'd be lying if I said that wasn't a factor.



Oh, you big softie. Didn't know you cared. /hug


I can understand the pressure brought to bear from multiple sources.
The danger is cumulative. I urge you not to accept a second shot.

I got the single dose vaccine. If I was being forced to do this, I wasn't going to be sick from it twice.

@Alysandir Can you let us know from time to time how it's going?
I don't think the problems bother absolutely everybody.
Certain ones. And I believe you know. You know if it's not ok, or is ok.
I think we know.
Personally, I have serious health issues that compromise my immune, weaken it, and can't have Vax. Those same issues make getting the virus non existent also. Plus, I live a quarantined life, basically, by choice.
Thus, irrelevant for me.
So, it's highly individualistic where you are unique, different.
Best to you.


Well, FWIW, I'm already getting flu-like symptoms within hours of shot. Mostly extreme fatigue and achiness. Looks like I'll be hitting the sack really early tonight.

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