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So you don't really want to hear me actually complain about the things that I can be. Well that's what you're about to hear now so get a load of this.

  1. You people like to think that you believe what po saying doesn't mean anything all you want but you're the one justify 8doesn't understand, like for instance, you say that people just have their own sense of good and that they make their own, that's what you believe, but did you just never realize that people make up their own minds about what they call bad whether bad exists, it's not a real mystery, you hear from one of the village shamans that you shouldn't go into a shrine because if you do it curses you, you end up walking into it not knowing what to expect, what you don't know is that since you walked in that what you are staring at now is something that you both didn't expect and never seen anything like it before, in reality nothing about the shrine, what's inside, or what you have seen is anything meaning you are cursed, another thing you don't realize is that without your consent or conscious thought of aware of the fact you have just now formed a real idea of what you call bad in your head, you would like to think that at least knowing so would be better for you don't you, well you couldn't be more wrong just so you know, because now you're no longer doing what you do because of just what you call good anymore.

I'm not even finished with that yet but I have to say something else first, I'm going by what you all are saying to me up until now that people make their own ideas of good, that's right because you don't like to admit that there is a strict universal good and that it would be something that you would know, you just say that people throughout society has always done that making a philosophical idea of good just because people don't understand what the world, but that doesn't mean you are any smarter either, that's like trying to explain a mystery with another mystery, in your mind at worst what you can call good is true and at best you're wrong and maybe you just don't know, but according to you that's okay with you just as long as you like to think that as long as you know you can still do something about it like calling whatever is to you bad and evil, even when when you are confronted by good knowing what that it is, you have no idea. It's not a question necessarily for asking if people believe that, all of these people in the world do it again and again every day all the time many times.

I'm telling you just what you should know now. So now back to the discussion, so, now you aren't doing things for yourself based on just good to you anymore, this is what happens next is something bad ends up happening in your village and it may not even have have anything to do with the believed curse at the shrine, but now something has just begun starting like an epidemic, one person has the believed idea of evil so now while people weren't associating what is happening to the curse of the shrine, it doesn't have to be real to anyone that's what you aren't getting, because now what does end up happening whether it really happens or not is going to be the same as the believed curse because you believed in it.

Don't try to fool me like you honestly expect me to believe that you are capable knowing the real difference between good and bad just because that's just what you would think.

I was just trying to get you to open your mind a little more before, but if that's what you want to do is complain about bad shit, then I'll do that too just to show you what I see.

Like how stupid is it that I can see all of these individual people talking about how cancel culture is just the worst, is it, because that's not all because then I see those same people turning around just to say, "what we need to do is to just say no to people," how are you this dumb?

Do you want to know what is really happening? What's really happening is that you don't just simply understand that the world just doesn't work the way you think it does at all, bad things don't just happen, the world isn't as chaotic for you to think that just about anything can happen, bad already exists, bad happens and exists because good exists, bad things don't just happen just to happen, if you thought that people did bad things before when they didn't even know what bad even meant, you're just going to get very much more disappointed with the world when you find out that knowing what good is to them is going to create the biggest problems of them all then, because that's happening, your human society has been messing everything in the world up since day one and and you don't do anything or try to deny it, this isn't something that you can just say I don't believe that and deny it like it doesn't exist.

You don't just try understand what you don't think that you would know. That story I said was from the anime horror called when they cry by the way. What I'm talking about isn't something difficult for people to understand, but if you want to talk bad about people that actually have something to say and say to yourself that it's all in the name of because you calling yourself right with what you think you know is good, then but you still keep complaining about the same old dumb things because you want others to complain too so you can feel right about yourself.

What do you really know about culture, beyond the ability you like to think you have to talk about it like what good and bad that all society has created is just a coincidence?

Did you know that in Greek mythology there's a river called styx, it's the river of the dead, this is where people would go not just to the underworld to be tortured or to heaven just to be judged, you spend eternity in a living river with everyone else? It's a living river that lives as long as it flows and it flows because there's everyone's souls in it. It's neither a bad place or a rewarding place just a place where with life after death it's where you go to be, and it's not just a religion that is actually a part of the Greek culture what they actually believe. But you just like to be the one to suggest that just because different cultures believe different things about good and bad that because they say anything about it at all that there's just no point in it. And yeah that's why you don't know what you are even doing, because you don't ever just listen to people.

caseyxsharp 6 June 27
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