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Stupid But Equal. —

Kids in honours programs do better in school, which is a good thing, right?

Wrong, according to the Vancouver School Board. When a group of kids is encouraged to work harder and do better, it creates “inequity”. So in a bid to foster “inclusion”, Vancouver honours programs are getting the axe.

Vancouver School Board, turning out a generation of equally uneducated students.


GeeMac 8 June 17
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Egregious foul. Leftist teachers are bribing kids with grades if the kids will testify in favor of CRT.

The real evil here is indoctrination of kids. CRT is just one example. Call out the indoctrination.


Leftist teachers encourage kid to snitch on their parents. Kids should snitch on teachers that indoctrinate.


These people are proof that the human race is "BATSHITCRAZY" However some are even more so?

For reasons I don't think I will ever truly understand, a significant number of people believe personal achievement to be a social sin. Hard work is "Whiteness." We should all be mediocre and miserable together, because hey, that's equity.


Harrison Bergeron was intended to be satire.

Now that leftists have reached the level prophesized by Harrison Bergeron and Animal Farm, it's time for a new round of satire. How much worse could it get?


Never ask that question; there's always an answer you'd rather not know about.

@jaymaron honestly, dumbing down the schools to promote “equity” is exactly the stuff of an old Monty Python sketch. It would be hilarious, and no one would have predicted it would be reality and celebrated as a Great Leap Forward.

@GeeMac upperclass twits was the sketch

@dirtbill no way!!! They really did it!!! 😂😂😂 I didn’t even realize that whenI made the comment, but yeah, makes perfect sense.


This will not end well. Equity is a race to the bottom, the lowest denominator. I, for one, do not want to drive over a bridge designed by an engineer who got his job by being an equity hire.


First off lets just stop calling it eduction OK


This is what happens when you elect the people from the dumb classes to be on the school board.

Sadly, they often see themselves as the new Rosa Parks, fighting the good fight. Anyone who opposes their crusade is a monster that has to be, um, re-educated. 😂😂🙀


Yeah who doesn't want a dumber populace? I firmly believe we have not hit bottom yet, so lets see how far we can push the new low.

The new intake in the brain surgery class should be interesting?

@adriaan23 My death on the operating table wasn’t in vain…I gave my life so an underserving person could have a career! 🤪🥸👨🔬

@GeeMac Go "WOKE" and die

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