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If this had been white on black, can you imagine the cries of racist hate crime!
But, this was just a mentally ill man who shot five white people in two states because he had been bullied by white men...


WorldSigh 8 June 15
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I am always sad when people turn to violence as the answer to their problems. Ultimately, the large increase I. Murder and crime nationwide is why every American should be carrying. I would love to run a campaign on “no more soft targets”.

RitBorg Level 7 June 15, 2021

Rabid antiwhiteness is a "mental illness" common among blax.

sqeptiq Level 9 June 15, 2021

I think it’s basic low life mentality, thinking this can escape Justice is not metal illness, it’s a consequence of epic stupidity.


whats mentally ill is yall pardoning his "only 2 bullies" while excusing your "likeable holy person" deaths by judging "mentally ill man" ... like your worthy of life


so he gets people like "cops" abusing power postions or overpowering his free will and you sheople claim "mentally ill man" ... whose more insane, people physically, sexually, mentally abusive to feed nut jobs like hitlers ego or people that do nuthin until karma starts echoing... a tag close to you and it makes you shuffle and cry to any man made excuse. you wouldnt have cared if a "mentally ill man" killed "homeless people" would you? and here you are trying to turn this local issue globally racist/not racist/racist... you must be one of those "1%" egyptian "jewish" naz👁 4th reich drama wannabe better hueman shitters? this is tribulation as temptation had you follow to a T... do you ego worshiping tempted marked "1%" really think your gonna survive when you try to tell WE THE 99% that you are now elected egyptian "jew"ish" naz👁 4th reich hitler sereal killer worshipers "dictator owners" of our democracies while you fire up the gas "showers" for you to suffocate our naked women and children... A FUCKIN AGAIN? the Holy spirit pushed its elect to push Jehovahs land of milk and honey to stop you... as the covenant (constitution) between our forefathers and Jehovah stated. "YOU can only serve one Master (Elohim)" bible trumps your "really", repent to Jehovah our Creator and join our gravy (crazy train loool) train of time simulation realm "winners". this realm has become a live version of literal sims game... theres nuthin new under whats left of our sun (they broke our light bulb lol) now its just slow baking us with pure light energy. no new evil of hueman ego can be done, our live feed vid from the bible is over, just revelations and bible codex now. WE are immortal spirit beings, time don't affect our spirit unless you decide to be a mortal hueman = hue man = 4 sacred tribe "colors" red - yellow = tones of gold, white to black = tones of white.... in the name of Jehovah through (war chief/chief) Jesus I measure your "culture war" bs as egyptian "jew"ish" naz👁 wannabe 4th reich communist propoganda ... to the chosen this is a sims game but your turning it into ghost recon cyber punk steampunk edition ... fun ass shit... "flesh is weak" bible, Jesus... "who will stand for what is righteous for me?" bible (war chief/chief) Jesus = fuck this simulation lock and load. come into my free spirit place knowing your sick fuckin hitler sereal killer worshipers gonna make my spirit "comply" with your sereal killing asses so you "1%" can turn our 99% democracy into your fuckin personal concentration camp... ass out global center stage as ALL truths and atrocities you hid are revealed as you destroy our common sense democracy trying to slither and hide your global coup because you were told bible is "fake news"... WE KNOW ... tribe of Judah don't flinch. your killing women and children and WE THE 99% are just askin if your lying to us. you freed them... were askin if you want war with Judah ... by dividing us 99% you targeted who our enemy is ... your fake "army" is "33%" = 1/3rd of earths global population, as above so below. so its the "33%" flesh "vs" the 66% spirits plus the 33% resurected + the heavens "1"00% ers ... plus ive change the nature of I chosen from meek to justfied wrathful. you said 1% has option of culling our 99% so now the option is presented to WE THE 99% for culling the "1%" as you have done unto others and been tempted to follow revelationS of the "fake news" bible to the T and Ass... but see they broke their covenant with Jehovah so Jehovahs land of milk and honey is no longer "theirs" to sell... or own. its your inheritance to claim from Jehovah... or not. angels (immortal meekness) vs demon (mortal egoes)
my Elohim (Master) is Jehovah ... whats up

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