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LINK Corporations buying neighborhoods so they can charge you rent forever - YouTube

In case you have been wondering exactly how the neo-feudalism will be enacted!

WorldSigh 8 June 13
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The feudal totem pole doesn't have individual land owners. All land is owned by lords. Lords own large piece of land, farmed by serfs. Serfs don't own the land they're farming. Indistinguishable from oligarchy.

In America in 1776, there existed a class of people that individually owned land, such as Washington and Jefferson. They broke out of the feudal nutshell. The Founding Farmers.

One of the chief reasons people left Europe for America was that in Europe, every square inch of land is owned by someone. America had land up for grabs. Europe continuously fights wars over land whereas an American farmer can farm in peace.

America is the land of the frontier. We need a good old fashioned land rush. Take the 1000 km^2 of land that Lord Gates owns and stage a glorious land rush.

Serf = Slave.

America broke free from European serfdom and created a land of individual land-owning farmers. The farmers had the power.


Same old story, new titles and names!!!!!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 June 13, 2021

And same old bunch of good-for-nothings doing absolutely nothing. If you think about it, perhaps neo-feudalism is the right thing. Useless people are literally of no use and might as well be dead.

@A1fredo WE, in the US of A, at least had about a century and a half escape from it!!! Then we let it go!!!! Maybe we need to take it back again, want to join??????


Abandoning original Constitutional principles destroyed your protection against things like corporate feudalism…in case you think the Constitution didn’t matter, and socialism is just as good.

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Posted by parsifalYour opinion is not required. Your obedience I demanded and you will comply...

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