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LINK Chinese Govt. Cover-Up Covid-19 Outbreak as UK Lockdown Extended

The goal of those pushing the scamdemic is perpetual pandemic, scam-variant du jour and continuous vaccine requirements to protect society from each other. Unless these monsters are stopped there will be no freedom period.

dd54 8 June 9
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People don’t get what’s going on. This is the Reset! It’s the mechanism to control everybody.

Rick-A Level 8 June 9, 2021

Since when have the CCP been part of the Great Reset?

@Lightman the ccp is what the globalist in the west are using as their model. They want a cashless system (like they have in China) where all of your activity will be monitored and controlled. You’ll get “credits” for slavishly obeying the state and demerits for not complying.

@Lightman It’s entwined in the leftist agenda and MO. China simply plays the useful idiot, essentially laughing all the way to the finish line and watches the NWO deliver the goods for them.

@Andyman That may be so but the CCP are not involved


The World Health Organization is just a lapdog for the Chinese Communist Party

Andyman Level 8 June 9, 2021

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