This is a two video post, first short the second lengthy. My purpose in posting them together is give the opportunity to draw parallels between them if you like – hopefully you will see surprising ones.

I’m going to venture an opinion that in North Korea & China you’re expected even required to heap praise upon the government. Unlike western civilization were you’re being required to exude self loathing & heap condemnation on the government.

I can’t emphasize enough how Woke-ism is a new synonym for Marxist/Socialism. It looks more & more like faking your Woke-ism may become essential to your survival?

I would posit that Marxist/Socialism found its way into western civilization through the Marxist rewrite of human history known as feminist theory & CRT (Critical Race Theory) trickling down infecting ALL of society from academia’s allowance of its teachings. The bottom line is that Academia is now instructed to actually teach students how & why they should be racists – of course it’s not presented that way – none-the-lees that’s precisely what it is, RACISM & SEXISM. I ask you what could go wrong with that?

Please do watch the short video & as much of the second as you can tolerate.

Posted by: KristaLCV ~ Nov 27, 2012
“Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956 Scene”

Young Men consider #MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) an Individualist Philosophy of self reliance.

DISCLAIMER: I almost didn’t include this interview by Professor Peterson after the woman being interviewed mentioned her sister was a journalist in Lebanon striving for equality which I take to be the phony campaign for gender equality. Feminism has always been an attack on men giving me to think she should just stew in her own juices. This disclaimer is to certify my complete lack of interest in supporting her any more than feminism supports men – NONE!


Here are three ways to support Dr. Azar:

  1. Email the university's administration:
    Dr. Jean-Paul Boudreau:


Mr. Robert Inglis, VP, Finance & Administration:

Posted by: Jordan B Peterson ~ Jun 7, 2021
“You're Next | Dr. Rima Azar | The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast - S4: E28”

1914wizard 7 June 8
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