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Ex-prostitutute and current appointed VP Kamala Harris, on her first foreign policy junket, to Guatemala, found her reception to be a bit less than the love and adulation she’s come to expect from our own media whores.

Edgework 8 June 7
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Wait, I thought you liked prostitutes? When Trump slept with them, you cheered him on. When Gaetz slept with them, even under-aged ones, you shrugged it off.


Now, my wife would say, a prostitute does it for money; a whore does it for free.

She did it for position and power. It's been customary to call such politicians prostitutes?


Without the vice presidency, Harris has no power. There is no reason to select her as vice president.
Therefore, the reason that she was selected is because the oligarchs have dirt on her and are expecting that they will have total control over her.

Biden was selected by the oligarchs because he's demented and easily controlled.
The oligarchs will not allow a free thinker to have political power.

It doesn’t hurt (the Dems) that she’s even less desirable (as a president) than Dementia Man.


Ex-prostitute or only on leave?

GeeMac Level 8 June 7, 2021

Still at it!

The only person that is a worse moralizer than an ex-prostitute, is an ex-smoker. 😉

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