There’s not much that hasn’t been done before – commies have no imagination. It’s up to you to discern the approaching dark clouds of socialism. Socialism is, now just as it has always been, preparatory to full blown communism. But ask yourself, has there ever been a communist regime that wasn’t a dictatorial hierarchy of power – not merit, power?

You may not like Donald Trump; BUT IS IT BECAUSE OF YOU FEELINGS or a lack of merit? FEELINGS have no place in politics – not now not ever.

Donald Trump is a CEO from the business world not from a congeniality pageant. His track record is already established & without equal. The only problem I see with him is his age, but at least he doesn’t have dementia – yet anyway. Come to think of it, didn’t Ronald Reagan suffer a bout with dementia or Alzheimer's after leaving the Presidency? But I deviate.

The point I was trying to make is the money printing makes perfect sense if the intention is to nationalize everything & cancel the national debt just as the communists did in establishing the Soviet Union. And look how long it took it to collapse.

Does history repeat itself? China is doing everything Nazi (also socialist) Germany did prior to World war II, up to and including the mass concentration camps – or reeducation camps as they choose to call them. The playbook is set for a 21st Century horror story to match the 20th Century version.

All this fretting over the national debt Joe Biden is dragging us into is to be expected if the ultimate goal is the creation of a socialist state canceling the old debt. It’s not honest but had a corporation get away from me by allowing their charter to expire re-incorporating under the same name under a brand new charter – they got away with it & so will these socialists.

Socialism is just another word for thievery! And you’ll be begging for socialism when your $15 minimum wage might buy you a loaf of bread.

Joseph Stalin, as I recall, is the man that said he didn’t care who voted – he only cared about who counts those votes – sound familiar?

As for Trotsky, he was just as much scum as Joseph Stalin was – please don’t feel sorry for him.
However I thought you might like knowing something of him & to demonstrate that democratic socialism is a POWER HIERARCHY form of government NO MATTER HOW KIND & BENEVOLENT THEY PORTRAY THEMSELVES TO BE – THEY LIE!

Democratic Socialists lie and should be forced to own their history - this is just part of it.

Posted by: The Peoples Profiles ~ May 7, 2021
“Leon Trotsky - Stalin's Arch Enemy Documentary”

1914wizard 7 June 5
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Socialists are indeed deceptive. It's how they have managed to stick around after all their failures. They might even initially think socialism is a good thing but they know if they are willing to destroy a nation and the lives of millions of people that none of them are really trustworthy and they are in danger if someone other than themselves seizes power because they know deep down if they had sole power the others would be a threat to them. It's why they will fail in the end.

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