8 3 PURE MISANDRY! But women can’t seem to recognize it in themselves. Consider how male & female police officer carefully interact with female suspects; as opposed to how this female police officer interacts with this male backseat passenger who expressed a perfectly reasonable medical concern for himself about the lights being flashed on him.

Now if you heard this man make a threat or even pose a threat at any time, you sure have better hearing than I do, The man informed her that he had epilepsy that the lights on him were affecting. It is noteworthy that this female officer made it clear that she recognized the man’s medical issue with the lights on him when she forced him to set on the ground BEFORE HE HAD A SEIZURE.

This man, a backseat passenger, who she verbally stated was being cooperative, she none-the-less handcuffed flaunting her authority needlessly instead of arresting the female suspect driver.

This is why no woman should hold authority over any man be it government, employment or law enforcement – they have no since of justice in them.

BUT HERE”S THE QUESTION: Why in the world didn’t she immediately arrest this female suspect never mind towing the vehicle. She’d (the female suspect) already admitted to multiple crimes that a man would’ve been arrested for on the spot?

PS. When this female officer stated that: “Your not under arrest but you can’t go.” This man’s Constitution human rights take center stage all in that one statement. Women just refuse to acknowledge they’re not an abused class – they’re a super privileged class!

Young Men, consider #MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) individualist philosophy of life & never say “I Do” to anything.

Posted by: A&E ~ Sep 28, 2018
“Live PD: Is Something Missing? (Season 2) | A&E”

1914wizard 7 May 15
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When your dealing with something that is often as primal as law enforcement sex is unfortunately a factor. If you look at behavior in teens that have not been fully socialized they behave in typical primate social patterns. Males gain social status through sports or intelligent leadership. Leadership that involves risk taking such as edgy humor to physical stunts and domination. Females gain leadership through sexual attractiveness, threats of social alienation, signs of inherited social status in dress and mannerisms, and male attention. While both sexes ultimately gain social status through networking police are dealing with people outside their social network. When dealing with strangers males because of how they gain social status have an advantage. It's easier for them to immediately establish dominance.

Instincts by definition are immutable and subconscious. They can be controlled but not altered. No amount of socialization will change the way people feel when confronted by a stranger.

Females may make good detectives or fighter pilots but being a patrol officer or Navy Seal will be an uphill struggle. Social engineering has limitations.

wolfhnd Level 8 May 15, 2021

@wolfhnd, my friend, no excuses now, remember that "Women can do anything a man can do, do it better & do it in heels."


In my experience, many women Cops are cops because they have an axe to grind with men, and will use the additional powers that they have to that end.


This video bolsters the point I was trying to make in my earlier comment. This female officer is insecure because there are male passengers.

Andyman Level 8 May 15, 2021

I don’t believe women should be cops in the first place because they simply don’t have the physical strength or the physical presence that commands respect the way most male cops have. I’ve watched countless bodycam videos of female cops trying to arrest male and female subjects who simply don’t take them seriously and resist which then, more often than not, forces the female cops to resort to lethal force.

Andyman Level 8 May 15, 2021

In my professional opinion, the way this officer handled this stop should have got her ass kicked, at a minimum!!!
I have made 1000's of stops, and trained many new officers on proper procedures!!!
I won't go into the lengthy list of things she did wrong!!!
Thank God the camera crew was there, this could have turned deadly quickly!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 May 15, 2021

Don't need a lengthy list but mention a few things especially non-cops would miss.

@Penrodster 1. The way she positioned herself re: the number of people in the car!!!
2. Not calling for backup, as soon as she realized that the suspects had NO respect for the law or her authority!!!
3. Allowing an obviously crazy woman full freedom while handcuffing the male!!!
4. Not keeping an eye on the other passengers!!!
Like I said the list is long!!!!!!
Your profile indicates you have a college education, my education come from 30 years on the streets!!!!!
Been there, done that!!!!!!


I saw absolutely nothing the officer did wrong. Those in the car started off doing fine also, but when they chose to become more combative with a single (one) police officer they were asking her to make her own safety more of an issue. Of course it would be a different issue if they were driving on their own property. (Thank you for showing a more common example of police interaction that had no focus on the color of anybody’s skin)

Like most liberals, these people seem to think they are victims when they are called out for flouting the law/regulations. (I haven’t done anything wrong and it’s not my fault that I have several tickets and warnings to stop doing this. The cops keep giving me tickets fir doing the same thing again and again over the past couple of years, so it’s their fault that I owe so much money and it’s their fault that I won’t be able to get to work if they enforce the laws/regulations.) It’s not a violent crime, but when we choose to refuse to obey laws and regulations, be they just or unjust, we should expect to pay the price (choices have ramifications).

The same principle goes for people like me when tyrants make owning a personal weapon or not wearing a mask nor getting vaccinated a crime. Since I will practice civil disobedience, I will need to be prepared to pay the price. (All the way up to giving my life for my beliefs.) When they persecute, imprisonments and kill enough of us, some of the go-along-to-get-along people will finally see the danger of government over-reach and will join the fight to overthrow the tyrants. If enough of us are willing to refuse to obey unjust laws it will either cause the tyrants to change their minds about outlawing our God given rights, or it will cause a civil war and the overthrow of the tyrants (remember the Boston tea party and the war America fought for independence from a distant tyrannical government?).

This is the principle of balancing personal God-given rights and personal responsibilities toward others within a society based upon agreed upon laws/regulations. This principle should always be considered, not only when the cause matters/applies to us.


In my experience, the women I've spoken with overwhelmingly say they'd rather work for a male boss than a female boss.

Why? Well, to hear them tell it, a male boss is more likely to treat them fairly - and even if he is a jerk - he's at least consistent. In other words, no surprises, no emotional outbursts, no cattiness, no walking on eggshells. Again, this is women telling me this. And in my personal experiences with female bosses, I absolutely agree with them.

In my observation, women who are in positions of authority - particularly positions that are historically male-dominated - seem to have this chip on their shoulder that makes them think that everyone is questioning their right to have that authority, whether anyone really is or not. As such they act with this...I can only characterize it as anything that even appears to question that authority, because it's taken as a personal attack. I can have disagreeable conversations with male authority figures and nothing comes of it; but it seems every time I disagree with a female authority, even if I'm being very careful to choose my language to avoid making it appear invariable gets interpreted as personal, and becomes an emotionally charged conversation.

If I'd only experienced this once or twice, I might consider that to be the person, but I swear - my hand to God - I experience this with damn near EVERY woman in a position of authority except one: homemaker/mother. That seems to be the one position of authority that women are perfectly comfortable and confident in their authority and don't see challenges to it as a personal attack.

And no, I'm not trying to suggest that women lack the ability to lead or manage people, because they absolutely can. What I'm suggesting is that - based on my experience and observations - women in authority lack confidence and comfort in their authority (with the one noted exception), and that causes them to act with volatility that makes everyone else uncomfortable.

And no, I don't think that's a product of misogyny, because again, it doesn't matter how supportive you are or how carefully you choose your language when speaking with them. Nor does the behavior change if it's a woman dealing with another woman in authority. If anything, I'd call it lack of coaching, because mentors have learned that too many women simply do not want to be coached, again, because they take any suggestion of correction as a personal attack.

I understand your perspective and I’ve heard and seen some of what you’ve described as well. However, I have had management positions within management teams that included women and found them to be very positive. Generally, in a three-person management team over 24/7 operations, I have found it far more valuable to have one of the managers being a woman, because they tend to see things that men tend to overlook. The men tend to be far more focused upon the efficient operations of the business whereas the women tend to make the job more enjoyable along the way (employee satisfaction awareness), which leads to improved employee retemtion and buy-in. Although most of our teams were men only, our best teams had this dynamic. (Two women and one man also seemed to run into the power struggle and backbiting issues to which you eluded).
I have heard the same complaints you described from our female employees and even from within my military organizations, but the situation in this video was handled in an exemplary fashion. I don’t think a lone male or female police officer of any race could have handled the nuances of this situation any better, except for the likelihood that a big, muscular man would be less likely to receive the threats from the guy in the back. However, chances are that the woman driving would have been more combative with a big male cop though; and he would be less likely to have been so observant of all the intricacies of the interpersonal signals being sent by so many people, but there’s no way of knowing how any given male counterpart would have interacted with this particular stop, not how those in the car would have interacted with him nor how the situation might have devolved, etc... All we can tell is that this lone female cop handled this potentially volatile encounter with exemplary professionalism. IMO


Police always pick on men

You are aware that the majority of police are men and the majority of violence is perpetrated by men; not to mention that men (in general) are stronger and more physically agressive than women, right.

If this cop didn’t restrain the man who said, “it’s fixin’ to become your problem”, she would have been a fool (potential physical altercation of which he warned her that could have devolved into multiple adversaries against one armed female cop - not a good outcome). If she had not forced him to sit down after restraining him, she would have been a fool (frivolous law suit that could have cost the taxpayer millions and this officer her job/career).

She used carrot and stick the entire time in an exemplary fashion: First she used gentle words of affirmation in response to the passengers’ cooperation/not becoming a threat and she sought to care for their need to get home. Then she shifted to firm words when the began to show resistance. Finally she used physical restraints when one began to threaten the safety of her and the camera man. She displayed impressive restraint and appropriate escalation/de-escalation skills, allowing one female officer to control a situation when there were 4 or 5 potential adversaries. As a retired military veteran with nearly 3 decades of service, I would have been proud to have served alongside her (and the vast majority of cops).

@Daveclark5 So he is not under arrest but is handcuffed and forced to sit down rather than they turn the flashing lights off. Interesting where you learnt law from. Probably CSI Miami. Do you understand rights. Freedom. Well if she fells threatened by one skinny little man why has she got this job. Secondary she has the gun. I am sure he is scared of her otherwise he would not let her handcuff his. Third I think that's these people are trouble makers. Just leave them alone and let the judge deal with them. Don't just use your power because you think it's the right thing to do. This is why people are getting sick of police. Finally my grandfather and uncle were police I know men are mostly police.

I caught the under arrest interpretation as well. Although arrest literally means to stop, they were actually detaining them and didn’t “book”. I’m not sure if the police officer booked him later (after recording thing ended), but when he “uttered a threat against the officer, that was an offense that gave her the latitude to not only detain him, but to actually arrest and book him into jail while he awaited his day in court to determine if he would be sentenced to prison. Your suggestion that she should have turned off the flashing lights would have been against safety policies as those lights provide a warning to traffic. I have been detained and ticketed more than once and even once or twice when I was doing nothing wrong. However, no matter how irritated I feel at the detention, I have always chosen to be as respectful and no confrontational as possible. The closest I came to being aggressive like that driver and even the passenger was when I asked where I would go to fight the ticket. When I was wrong (eg. exceeding the speed limit), I chose to be polite and cooperative. I let them know I was unaware the speed limit had changed and admitted that I was wrong and would need to pay closer attention. There have even been a couple of times where a confrontational police officer, faced with my acceptance of culpability and courteous behavior, chose to forego the ticket and give me a warning. When I missed the date for renewing my mother’s plates, I simply had to admit I screwed up and pay the ticket.

Secondarily, yup, she had a gun, but wisely and skillfully handled the situation without needing to use it or her taser or her pepper spray or her billy stick. There was no violence because this skillful officer of the law handled it well in a situation involving multiple threats (who could have been armed. If a man were in the same position, he may have handled it the same or he may have handled it different. He may have had equally positive results without violence or somebody may have been hurt or killed (including the male officer). It’s easy to backseat drive when you’re sitting I. The safety of your own home behind a keyboard. These brave, honorable people put their lives on the line to ensure you have the luxury of sitting in the safety of your home or neighborhood. They do it while being undermanned, under-appreciated and under constant attack from those they are trying to protect and to serve.

I was in the military when people hated the military and I understand how it feels, but we continue to do the right thing because those we protect need us to do the right thing. Sometimes that meant making mistakes or having to make others uncomfortable with our very presence, but we did what we needed to do to the best of our ability. Plenty of cops have bad motives and bad techniques. Blame them for what they do wrong, not those like this officer that do everything right and by the books.

BTW, when I joined the army, it was mostly men and I didn’t feel very good about some of the women, but I didn’t fault them for doing well because i didn’t like women serving in that position. I judged their actions and their results just like I would those of a man.

I’ve spent enough time discussing this issue, so please don’t be offended if I do t respond to any more arguments on the issue or insults on my intelligence or reasoning skills. It is not meant as an affront. I simply choose to stop spinning my tires after this final attempt at reasoning with you and answering your recriminations.

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