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Portland: Home crap home. I discovered today that rent that was $2800.00 last year is now lowered to $1400.00. People are leaving in droves and coming to my town (Eugene). And between the exodus in Portland and the exodus of California, the housing market in my town is impossible. There's no availability for buyers or renters and if you’re lucky enough to find a place, expect $300.00 to 600.00 increase on rent from last year at this time or $200,000.00 or more for a mortgage. The democrats have done this. And the Mayor of Portland is full of shit

MichelleD 7 May 14
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We left Portland over a half a century ago. My mother bought her first home there for $6500 in a neighborhood that had black and white people living in harmony. Mom was a divorced mother of 4 working with her best friend (Robbie was a single black mother) and we attended the same church.

Our neighborhood store owners (disabled couple) used to pay us kids 5 cents to collect all the garbage off off the sidewalks and throw it in their dumpster. They also gave us a little money to help stock the shelves and man the cash register while they were helping customers.

We were safe enough that we would walk to school and go in and out of each others’s homes all day long without worrying about checking in for more than meals and our family curfews.

I would never want to move back to that city or even visit it again. We loved living in Seattle 30 years ago too, but I’d never want to return there either. It seems most liberal havens have become dangerous places to be, especially the cities.

Seems so, sadly


My parents live there and want to take the kids to OMSI and the ZOO. that won't be happening…. besides they will need those animals for food once the Marxists are finished. there is no greater evil than the heart of a well intentioned marxist parasite.

RobD1 Level 7 May 14, 2021

this aint "bad evil democrats or republincan" elected representatives to our democracy sheople... the same issues are hapening with "both parties" fanning your flames to distract while they herd us into towns and cites to control us... good thing your canceled tv series ACTOR "turned" elected representative TO OUR DEMOCRACY is puttin the wall up ... TO KEEP US IN YOU DUMBASSES... they represent the same democracy ... they havent maintained america so they have platforms to use to manipulate our votes election times... america is only fucked up cause the failed to represent what we stood for and turned news into a phukin political soap opera to glorify ex term elected representatives to our democracy = citizen... why is a supposed american citizen trump threatening elected officials talking like hes a part of our government... POLITICS IS NOT OF OUR GOVERNMENT, ITS TO OUR DEMOCRACY... the only power they have is to represent ... defund this corrupt ass government

which TV actor? Biden just quietly resumed building the wall. his VP pledged campaign funds to bail out rioters in Portland. Why would they stop? Rioters won't need her money anyway since Mike Schmidt works for ANTIFA.

@RobD1 trump "the apprentice". yep, they are on the same team... the wall is to keep us from "escaping america". hes a "vp" = vice president = runner up we didnt want as president, made a vp so if anything should happen to the useless president runner up president, who we didnt want takes over... "vp" don't mean shit, just a title for political shills to worship and pretend like they have power... an ex elected representative to our democracy = civilian. theres no political branch to our gov

@sackClothProphet not sure where to go with all of that babble…. The VP, 1/2 of the Biden Candidacy pledged campaign funds to rioters. The current president has resumed building the wall.

rioters rioted because they didnt like an orange guy that also built a wall and stopped paying out the socialist aspects of our economic system that had been parasitically draining the economy.

tomato tomato

@RobD1 get your anti american communist elected official to our democracy canceled tv series actor worship out of my face... i was trying to save you sheople, not hear you gnash teeth about bullshit your "great elected glorious leader" told you your allowed to think... good sheople, back to the matrix, its almost feeding time on fox. "orange racism"... whew your gone ... lol phukin tang hate is a "counter point"... to factual statements... or are you trying that weak ass alice in wonderland "mind control" bullshit ... how is you lookin like a retard messin with my mind?


I don't think those leaving voted Democrat.

unfortunately they did…. they keep moving to my town and they are dumber than shit

@RobD1 At least southern Oregon still has a lot of common sense kinda folk, or last I checked. Dunno though, Californians (and Portland) are going there too.


I'm in Mt and they're coming here in drove also we are having the same problem. Prices of real estate have tripled. The local are having a hard time dealing with it and we are pretty friendly BUT warning them not to bring their politics with them.. It's horrible.

Arkansas and Missouri as well I'm told from family



sqeptiq Level 8 May 14, 2021

Exactly accurate to the stew we marinate in

Portlandia was a documentary! 🤪

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