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The Pandering

I was inspired by New Yorks latest art addition to make a movie poster. Apparently, this 25 ft statue is going to have a kiosk fortune telling function? That's kinda neat. Everything else about this thing makes me think, "was this a good idea?"😅

Im going to be entirely honest. My first reaction was to burst out laughing. Not because I'm not a fan of cultural art. If this had been unveiled 10 years ago, I most likely wouldn't have had much of a reaction at all to it. I probably would be viewing it in person, actually.

However, this past years "battle of the statues" has definitely changed my perspective on what's displayed in our public spaces. Add that to the rather obvious way this particular piece stands out in a pretty "negative stereotype" kind of way, and I just think maybe the timing could have been better?

saramarylop3z 7 May 13
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You know this sort of thing isn't "Art". It's an Idol, it has a purpose and that purpose isn't always beneficial. Just saying...

LAZZA Level 5 May 13, 2021

Biggers did name it "Oracle", and was inspired by a mixture of both European and African mythology. I'm not sure if the intention was to create a literal Idol though?

  • “The entire installation is based on mythology, narrative and mystery,” Biggers tells the Art Newspaper’s Gabriella Angeleti. “Rockefeller Center itself, as an architectural entity, is very much steeped in mythology and mystery.”


@saramarylop3z yes they always explain it that way but the mystic aspect is corrupt. Similar to what Hitler did to Nietzsche's Uberman. Hitler's version was a drugged form of mythology, a corruption. Hence my point about this thing. It's not Art, or not just Art, and it may be malediction.


now the "woke" have devolved even further - into idolatry - it was inevitable IMO

iThink Level 8 May 13, 2021

Looks like a retarded cartoon character.

sqeptiq Level 8 May 13, 2021

How dare you!!!!

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